Thanks, Hindsight

I’d make a list of goals I would love to accomplish this year; however been only February and is too soon to tell.

One goal of my list is to keep myself healthy; I still don’t get the flu where some of my coworkers already have it. I’m eating healthy, taking my MEDs for my depression, and my diabetes. As a result, I’m sleeping better and that’s a plus.

Another goal is to travel more often, it will happen soon.  I’ve plane tickets to visit my daughter in Arizona during Easter vacation. My next trip is planned for June to visit my family in Puerto Rico.

I’ve challenge myself to read more and I’m excited about being four books ahead.

One of my goals I’m not doing so well is blogging every day like I want to. I work full time, take care of my dad, baby sitting my grandkids after school and by the time I sit down I’m tired and ready to go to bed. I’m glad am still taking my online class.  I work on this during the weekends and it gives me the chance to keep writing.

I’m doing well so far with my goals; however to count my goals that I’ve accomplished I’ve to wait until December.

Today here in the USA we are celebrating Valentine’s Day. To everyone who celebrated this day Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m getting dinner ready; the wine is in the fridge at least my Moscatto. My hubby’s wine he likes it at room temperature. Meanwhile, we are resting and watching “The Walking Dead” marathon and counting the hours for tonight’s new episode.

Have a wonderful day!

valentine 2


Daily Post: How is the year shaping up for you so far? Have your predictions come true, or did you have to face a curve ball or two?


I change my title

I’ve changed my blog title from Life…Tears…Love…Purpose to “Margret’s life Journey” because the new title is more accurately reflects what I’m writing about. I want my blog to keep track of my journey to fulfill my dreams, to express my emotions, and to improve my writing skills.

You can still find here my writing challenges, the prompt, and the quotes for one liner Wednesday, and all my thoughts.  I will keep posting frequently and I’m planning to keep participating in further writing challenge from other bloggers.  They’re fun to do. Thank you for all your support.

This blog is my journey to be a better person, to finally finish what I started, and to do what I love to do. This journey of mine is though, however I feel that I can reach it.

People always said that change is good and that’s why I make the decision. The old title was a distraction to me and now that is fixed I can share better my writings.

Ready, Set, Done

It’s daily prompt time…

10 minutes. You and your keyboard (or smartphone. Or tablet. Or pen and paper). No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

Okay! I’m ready. I just have 10 minutes and I’m thinking what to write. I get nervous with this type of challenge.

Let me start with my day. Today, I have a wonderful day at work. The day went smooth. The ladies that I work with, they know the meaning of team work. For that reason, I’m grateful.

I went home and tired but anxious to start to decorate for Halloween. I loved decorating my home for the holidays. My grandkids will be surprised and happy with the results.

After finishing with fall and Halloween décor, I’m writing this post.

I’m also having the TV on, watching or listening to Bones and waiting for the new series Gracepoint and How to get away with murder.

My eyes are tired and I’m trying to think what to write. What a challenge. Oh wait my dog is trying to get my attention I supposed she want her snack. I need coffee.

Oh no, the ten minutes are already gone and I didn’t write enough. I think too much and I don’t know how to get the flow. I have too many ideas.

See you later, the phone is ringing and my show will start soon.

Making some changes…

I just started blogging 101 and one of the assignments was if we didn’t like our title or the tagline to change it. One of the students just mentions to me that my title didn’t do any justice to my blog. She is right, for a long time I’m trying to figure out how to re-name my blog. For the past week, I have been thinking and brainstorming ideas for a new name. Finally, I decided to create a title with just a few words that have a meaning in my life and also switch the tagline with the same purpose.

From the previous name “My Dreams, my Wish, and my Gratitude…” I went with a simple name “Life…Love…Tears…Purpose…” just four words with a thoughtful meaning to me.

I hope all my followers understand why I modify the title. I will like to hear what you think. I will always be grateful for any feedback.

To my fellow student thank you for being honest and for the suggestion to look more on my page About Me for inspiration.

What’s next?

achieveMy first post was an assignment from “Blogging for Beginners” an online class that I’ve been taking. I’ve been learning about how to create, write posts, and publish them. I’ve been learning some techniques to have a successful blog. However, I’ve found blogging could be a challenge and to have a successful blog, I need readers.

It has been exciting and a nerve-wracking. It takes time and dedication to be a blogger. The part of not knowing the reaction of the readers could be terrifying.

This is my second post and I’m already experiencing the writer’s block. I guess trying to write daily could cause it. I’ve to create a plan, with themes I want to write about it. I’ve been checking on other blogs and I’m learning from them.

So, what’s next for me? For the moment, I’m revising my short stories I wrote years ago. I’m taking my online classes who are my inspiration to accomplish my dream of being a writer. I’ve new ideas for a book I begin to write and I’m creating a journal with positive thoughts.

I’ll keep this blog, as far I can. I’ll keep writing and waiting for my new friends. I invite you to join my journey with the ups and downs with a promise I will visit your blog.

~See you soon~






WELCOME to my first post!

my goals

What makes me launch this blog?

I always dream of becoming a writer. I considered myself a storyteller and starting this blog would be a way to express my thoughts and write down those stories.

I always love to read. My mind goes beyond those fantasy worlds. I want to be a writer. I kept a notebook and a journal with short stories, poems, and quotes. However, there is one problem I’m too shy to share my stories. One of the reasons is to put my thoughts and my ideas on paper. Also, I’m afraid of cruel criticism or someone making fun of my stories.

I already went through that horrible experienced when I was in High School. My dream of being a writer begun to banish when a teacher made fun of me in front of the other students. I hide my notebook and I didn’t want to write anymore. However, she never took the love I’ve for reading and I began to collect books.

I had the opportunity to take a few free online classes for aspiring writers. In the same program, they had a course for “Blogging for Beginners”. I saw an opportunity to write again and to improve my writings.I even have my notebooks with my short stories and a few ideas for a book. I don’t know if one day I will see them published. However, I need to be confident in myself. Therefore, keeping this blog will give me a chance to grow and learn as an aspiring writer and to meet others with the same ideas. So, the purpose of this blog is to write those stories and achieve my dream.

I invited you to come, visit, and share any thoughts.