My dad has rotator cuff in his right shoulder and he always is in pain. However, the last couples of days the pain has been awful. I hate seeing him in pain and I feel helpless. I get depressed watching him feeling miserable. I call the doctor and he came a few hours ago. He gave him an injection of cortisone. The injection would cause him a temporary relief and it would last for a few months. At least I know he would sleep and feel better. After he went to bed, I went for my walk and now we can all have a good sleep.   


Daily Post: Temporary

Feeling Better!

I began watching what I eat and walking about a two months ago. Since then I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m taking medication and I supposed its helping, too.  I’ve my days where I wake up feeling depressed and feeling lost. However, going walking every afternoon has been helpful. I love my walks, especially when my husband comes with me.

In two weeks, I’ve a checkup with my doctor and I anxious to see how my blood levels would be. It’s great when you feel healthy and stress free. I’ve my ugly moment; however, I feel I can control myself much better.


Daily Post: Better



My mother introduces me to the world of perfume. I remember using her perfume and she would remind me not to wear too much. She uses to sell Avon and when I turned 13 she surprises me with Sweet Honesty. The smell was perfect for my age. Yes, it was a cheap perfume, however I didn’t care and I loved it. By the way I still do and I just bought recently a bottle. When I began working I did try others. Who remembers Charlie and Ciara? I wear them during my teenage years. Writing about perfumes that I use to wear it brings the good memories.  


Sweet Honesty

Sweet Honesty

Zip it!

We have five more weeks of school and we all getting exciting. Oh, I can’t wait. I will miss the talk I’ve with the kiddos, they are fun. I love the people I work with. However, I won’t miss the one who always interrupting every conversation and doesn’t know when to stop. I’m one of the few people this person also a good listener, however there is a limit. Why in every place we can find one person who doesn’t know when to zip it?

To the person who is driving everyone crazy, I hope you know when to zip it. Okay, I say it. Zipped my friend. I would like to enjoy the next five weeks.


Daily Post: Zip