I express my love to my kids and grandkids in different ways and my favorite is texting emojis with hearts. Yesterday, I went to pick up my grandkids from school. As soon they enter the car I ask how was their day, if they have homework, and “I love you”. However, when I went to pick up my oldest she’s in middle school, her reaction a typical teen. Like any girl of her age, she grumbles, looks tired, and rolls her eyes. So, when I ask regarding her day, this is her response “same as every day grandma and I know you love me. Don’t need to tell me”.

I kept quiet and turn on the radio. My other two grandkids who remain in the back of the car immediately say “we love you, grandma”. I smile and we switch the conversation to something else.

My oldest since she turns 13 she’s quieter, grumpy, and her only concern her best friends. We use to talk and now our long conversations are quick and I missed it. I’m aware is a typical teen and it will pass. However, I want her to understand she can count on me for anything.

After we got to the house, she gave me a hug and whisper in my ear “I love you grandma”.


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Not superficial

As soon as I wake up I turn on the TV to watch the News. I imagine what kind of awful News we will have this time. Lately the News are being covering the tragedies from three different hurricanes hitting Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The earthquake in Mexico, the shooting in Las Vegas, the concern of Korea missiles, and the wars in the middle east.

Some days I’m afraid to go out of the door, it’s terrible living in fear. If I talk to one of my friends who likes to recite passages from the bible instead of feeling safer knowing God loves me I get more terrify. I want my grandkids to have a chance to live a wonderful life. However, it’s frightening watching how our world is getting worse.

The leaders of our countries instead of making the world better, they have been creating more chaos. They are selfish and their first priority it’s having the power to control others. I perceive the hatred and racism is growing too fast.

Then last night I was watching the News direct from Puerto Rico and I saw the people smiling and telling their loves ones “we are fine and we will stand up again” those images brought tears to my eyes. They don’t have power, water, and not enough food and they are making sure their families don’t worry. I saw the volunteers from the USA and other countries, helping cleaning the roads, bringing water, food, and giving them hope. I recognize we have remarkable people who are making a difference.
The leaders of our countries should be learning from them. For me they are “angels” who are taking their time to help rebuild and who gives comfort to people in needs. To those “angels” thank you for being an example to follow and give hope for our next generations.

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           “You don’t need a reason to help people.



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