Surprise, Surprise!

This 4th of July weekend we have a great time and for my surprise my son revealed the sex of his baby throwing fireworks. The night was perfect for the occasion, clear skies and not too breezy. At 11:30pm we all went to the field excited to see which color would spark in the sky. Our group was around 20 people and only my granddaughter made the comment that she wants a girl all the rest was bidding for a boy. I didn’t make any comment as a grandma I don’t have any preference; however in my heart I felt it would be a little girl. When the fireworks begin and we all saw the pink sparks everyone begin to cheer and jump of excitement.  It was an emotional moment. I hugged my son and I told him he will be an amazing dad. He’s a good son, an amazing brother and uncle. Yes, it’s a girl who will be arriving in the fall and now it’s time to plan a baby shower.

It's a girl!

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The camper is pack and ready for our 4th of July camping. This would be the last camping we‘re spending with our granddaughters who will be moving to Arizona in a few weeks. We’ve two holidays we love the 4th of July and Christmas. We do camp all summer, however this holiday weekend is our main celebration. The family gets together we BBQ, we drink, go fishing, swimming, campfire, smores, and fireworks.   For me some time to take a nap, relax, and read a book in a quiet place.


4th july

Happy Weekend and see everyone next week. Enjoy your precious time with your love ones!


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