This past week we had a snow storm with almost ten inches of snow. My husband has been cleaning out the snow and we are already tired of this winter except for these two.

I personally am counting the days for the arrival of spring. I am eager to see my flowers bloom and be able to arrange my beautiful garden. Meanwhile these two continue playing in the snow, enjoying the last days of winter.

As my granddaughter says in a few months she will return to Phoenix, Arizona and there is no snow there. That’s why she takes advantage of every second to play outside in the snow. However, in my case I prefer to see the flowers, the sun, and to be sitting outside enjoying nature.

I wonder if that’s the reason why she wants us to move to the Prescott or Flagstaff area where she can enjoy a little snow.



















Daily Post: Wonder

I missed you!

” I left the light in my heart on, in case you ever wanted to come back home.”



I’m back home and missing my granddaughters very much. After spending four weeks in Arizona and getting beat up by the heat it was time to get back. Of course I’ve be spending the day cleaning the house, paying bills, laundry, and answering emails.

Also I’m getting ready for work on Monday since school starts on Wednesday and the cafeteria needs to be ready.

The house feels quiet, empty, and depressing as a result it’s time to get into my computer.

So here is my one-liner prompt for today and tomorrow I will start writing regarding my time in Arizona with my grandkids.


In response to One-liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill.

No Wind

Here in Arizona I don’t feel anything; there’s no sign of wind with a temp already about 107 degrees and it’s only 10am. Yesterday, we went to South Mountain Park that it’s close to my daughter’s home. My grandkids want to do some hiking by the time we arrive it was about noon. As soon as we got there the heat made it impossible. It was disappointed; however we reach to the top of the mountain riding in the car. We took a few pictures, look at the beautiful view, and after we heard a few noises in the bushes we run to the car scare it can be snakes. In the afternoon we went to the Mesa River View Park to get wet and cool.


We’re getting ready to go out. We still don’t know the destination. It doesn’t matter the heat, the no breeze, and the no winds we will make this vacation as fun as possible.


Daily Post: Wind


South Mountain ParkSouth Mountain Park2





South Mountain Park4

Time Zone

I’m in Arizona and the flight went fantastic it took only 2 hours 56 minutes. The kids love to be on the plane and they were trying to figure out the time change.  In North Dakota we have Central Time and in Arizona they’ve Mountain Time. They began to Google on why in the USA has different time zone. That keeps them busy for a while.

In North Dakota it’s two hours ahead of Arizona.  My oldest granddaughter just reminds me that I’m two hours younger. Yes, my grandkids can be very funny.

I went to Wal-Mart last night to get a few things and I call my hubby about 10pm I did forget the time change and he was already sleeping. Oops!  This time change can screw our time to go to bed, because by 8pm I was sleepy. At least for the next three weeks it would feel like that.



Daily Post: Clock

Countdown to Arizona

Two more days and I’m taking my two granddaughters back with their mommy in Arizona. My daughter decides to move to Arizona in February with the intention of starting a new life after her divorce. She obtains a transfer from her job also starting this fall in Paul Mitchell beauty school. She made the decision to leave the girls with us until school was done and have a chance to find a place to live. School in Arizona starts on August 1st and they are not too happy.

My feelings are all over the place and as a grandmother that’s a fact. At times, I feel happy and exciting for them because they will be together. Then the sadness would begin making me over thinks how far they’re moving and to lose the company and hugs from my beautiful granddaughters.

They are feeling sad, too. They don’t like the idea of leaving family and friends and to start all over again. After all when I see their faces and the emotion of being with mommy will bring a huge smile. When I’m back we will be on the phone daily sending text messages with lots of Emojis.



My next trip

I enjoy traveling and that’s why I’ve a few trips on my bucket list.  It gets difficult to leave for days, because I take care of my dad. When I’ve the chance to travel then my sister would stay in my home with him.

My next trip would be in the middle of July, I’ll be going to Arizona. My daughter had been living there since February and she bought a house. The school would begin at the end of July and so my husband and I are taking our two granddaughters to live with their mommy.

Another reason I want my husband to come with us is to check if we can live there after we retire in a few years. We are trying to decide between Arizona and Colorado. Plus my husband loves cowboy’s movies and so a trip to Tombstone and the Grand Canyon would be the perfect combination.  




Daily Post: Voyage


After an amazing week visiting my daughter in Mesa, Arizona I’m back home. I fell in love with the place and the warm weather was a plus. On Saturday, we visited the Phoenix Zoo and expend the afternoon walking and enjoying the view. From the zoo you can see the mountains and the beauty of nature.  It was the perfect view.

Since 94’ North Dakota has been my home and I love it, however the cold weather has been tough on us. For the last couple of years my hubby and I have been planning, retirement and where we should go. We are debating into a few places Colorado and Arizona is one of them.

Two years ago my daughter decided to move to Ft. Pierce Florida. I went to visit and I wasn’t to impress. It was close from the beach; however the weather was too humid. My daughter insisted that I should move closer to her and with a smile I bless my daughter and my two granddaughters and I went back home. Personally I didn’t like it and for my daughter, she moves back to North Dakota three months later.

In January, she receives the opportunity to finish her college studies in Arizona and lucky enough she got a transfer from her job. She leaves her two girls with us until she gets a house also giving them a chance to finish the school year. She invites us for a spring break and guesses what I love it. The place is beautiful and the weather isn’t humid.

I imagine myself walking downtown with my hubby and enjoying the weather. After a week in Mesa and visiting their surroundings, I’m positive we’re going to retire and move to Arizona. I find it at one of the most beautiful place on Earth.

Phoenix Zoo


Daily Post: Earth