My dad has rotator cuff in his right shoulder and he always is in pain. However, the last couples of days the pain has been awful. I hate seeing him in pain and I feel helpless. I get depressed watching him feeling miserable. I call the doctor and he came a few hours ago. He gave him an injection of cortisone. The injection would cause him a temporary relief and it would last for a few months. At least I know he would sleep and feel better. After he went to bed, I went for my walk and now we can all have a good sleep.   


Daily Post: Temporary


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’m truly blessed to be able to spend time with the people I love the most. My lovely sons came for dinner with their families and we enjoy the day eating and watching football. I’ve the chance to chat with my girls who are spending their first Thanksgiving in Arizona.

I’m grateful for having so many people who have given me the strength to be in the place I am today and to appreciate what I have. For the past year, I’ve been blessed to meet people who with the smallest gestures they have touched my heart and make me a better person.

I’m grateful for having my kids that I adore, a loving husband, good health, for our two dogs, to be here tonight with my feet up resting and watching a movie.

Tomorrow is time to start decorating for Christmas my favorite holiday. Let’s the countdown begin because on December 23rd my granddaughters would be home for Christmas.





I am Blessed!

grandma“Being a grandparent is the best feeling in the world”.








Today I’m a grandma for the fourth time. I am blessed for having this little angel in my life. She’s a healthy baby girl and it looks like my son.

“WELCOME baby girl!!!


One- Liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill.

No Wind

Here in Arizona I don’t feel anything; there’s no sign of wind with a temp already about 107 degrees and it’s only 10am. Yesterday, we went to South Mountain Park that it’s close to my daughter’s home. My grandkids want to do some hiking by the time we arrive it was about noon. As soon as we got there the heat made it impossible. It was disappointed; however we reach to the top of the mountain riding in the car. We took a few pictures, look at the beautiful view, and after we heard a few noises in the bushes we run to the car scare it can be snakes. In the afternoon we went to the Mesa River View Park to get wet and cool.


We’re getting ready to go out. We still don’t know the destination. It doesn’t matter the heat, the no breeze, and the no winds we will make this vacation as fun as possible.


Daily Post: Wind


South Mountain ParkSouth Mountain Park2





South Mountain Park4


I love cooking for my family; especially for the holidays and my favorite part is setting up the dinner table all beautifully decorated it. However, it doesn’t need to be a holiday to cook for them.

Like today on a Tuesday my kids came after work just to check on us-that’s their excuse- I know better they’re just looking what I make for dinner. Oh, I love them.

My husband turns on the grill make BBQ Ribs and a few hot dogs for the grandkids. I went to the kitchen and add a few things so we have enough for everyone and voila we have a feast. Yes, it’s a feast. I make a little extra potato salad, yellow rice, and corn. We can’t have a complete family dinner without my fruit punch all because I like to add sherbet.

Today has been a hot day with temps rising to 102 so we all ate outside under our beautiful tree. I’m pleased to have the kids all together, getting in touch, talking about their days, and relaxing under the shade no matter if it’s only for an hour. That’s what I call a feast.




Daily Post: Feast


It’s been a long time since my last nightmare and hating going to bed because of it. It all starts when I was twelve; however I remember watching my mom being afraid to go to bed, too. She describes her nightmare as a feeling of someone watching her and throwing a pillow over her face. She can’t breathe and trying to open her eyes and she couldn’t. She would wake up screaming and crying. My brother and I would sleep with her to calm her down. I don’t remember exactly when her nightmares stop, but as soon her nightmares disappear, mine begun. Of all my siblings I was the only one with the same nightmare as my mother. I’d begun sleeping less and less and hating going to bed. I still can’t sleep long hours, however as today they’re gone and I don’t miss them at all.



Daily Post: Nightmare

Surprise, Surprise!

This 4th of July weekend we have a great time and for my surprise my son revealed the sex of his baby throwing fireworks. The night was perfect for the occasion, clear skies and not too breezy. At 11:30pm we all went to the field excited to see which color would spark in the sky. Our group was around 20 people and only my granddaughter made the comment that she wants a girl all the rest was bidding for a boy. I didn’t make any comment as a grandma I don’t have any preference; however in my heart I felt it would be a little girl. When the fireworks begin and we all saw the pink sparks everyone begin to cheer and jump of excitement.  It was an emotional moment. I hugged my son and I told him he will be an amazing dad. He’s a good son, an amazing brother and uncle. Yes, it’s a girl who will be arriving in the fall and now it’s time to plan a baby shower.

It's a girl!

Daily Post: Burn