I can’t wait

After a few weeks of cold and a couple of inches of snow, it looks Spring will be arriving soon. It’s sunny and the snow has begun to melt. Yesterday I went shopping and the stores have Easter and Summer decorations. The session of gardening has plants, orchids, packages of seeds. I was looking at the gnomes, fairies, colorful pots I just want to buy everything. I love Spring and Summer it makes me happy!

I want to begin planting my flower garden however, we still have a few weeks of winter and I’m sure it will snow again. The wait is annoying.  I’m going to try again to plant roses. Sadly, they don’t grow in my backyard however some of my neighbors have roses.

This is a beautiful Sunday and I will love to be outside. Yeah, it’s sunny but still chilly outside. Meanwhile, I can start a list for my garden and the changes I’m making to my home.  Some of the projects from last year got postponed it’s time to get it done.

last year
last year 2020


last year 2020
last year 2020

Vivid memories

One of my vivid memories March 5, 1983, when my life changed forever and I married my best friend. I remember being nervous and thinking if I was making the right decision. I want the perfect marriage and I knew it won’t be easy.  I decorated my bedroom all white and I did my own makeup and hair. My mother and aunt help with my wedding dress, the veil, and the flower bouquet. Also, my mother’s tears when she saw me before I was leaving home. I’ve a beautiful ceremony and we party all night. Everyone can see the happiness on our faces. Another memory a family member on my husband’s side predicted we will not last a year. Well I proved them wrong. It has been 34th years and with ups and down we still together. For us spending our anniversary shopping, eating in a nice restaurant, and watching TV it’s all we want.



















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Countdown to Arizona

Two more days and I’m taking my two granddaughters back with their mommy in Arizona. My daughter decides to move to Arizona in February with the intention of starting a new life after her divorce. She obtains a transfer from her job also starting this fall in Paul Mitchell beauty school. She made the decision to leave the girls with us until school was done and have a chance to find a place to live. School in Arizona starts on August 1st and they are not too happy.

My feelings are all over the place and as a grandmother that’s a fact. At times, I feel happy and exciting for them because they will be together. Then the sadness would begin making me over thinks how far they’re moving and to lose the company and hugs from my beautiful granddaughters.

They are feeling sad, too. They don’t like the idea of leaving family and friends and to start all over again. After all when I see their faces and the emotion of being with mommy will bring a huge smile. When I’m back we will be on the phone daily sending text messages with lots of Emojis.



If I Could Turn Back Time

This picture reminds me how grateful and bless we were.  We didn’t have money and I remember how hard was for my parents to raise six of us; however we have a happy childhood.

memories- 1977


If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?


nice weekend

summer 2

It was an amazing four day weekend at the lake. It was sunny, hot, and muggy. I have covered myself with sunscreen and I still obtain a sunburned all over my neck and my back. The water at the lake was perfect and we all enjoy the boat ride.

I took time to relax and read my book which is a series. I’m reading book 3 “The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy” by Heather Blake (almost done). I also took some time to write a little bit, meanwhile everyone went fishing.

Expending the time with the family and friends was a blessing. My husband was in charge of the BBQ. My son took care of all the drinks and my sister of the fruit salads. I ate and drink too much.

The night was perfect. The temperature drops a little and we have a nice breeze. We have the bonfire; the kids made s’mores and tell scary and funny stories. The three nights we spend at the lake we have fireworks. The night looks lovely and scenic.

After a few peaceful days, I’m back to my routine and with chores to do. In two weeks I will be back at the lake and I can’t wait.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To my daughter have a wonderful day with the girls, you deserve it.

To my sister and my two sisters in law enjoy the day with your kids.

To all my friends have an amazing day with family.

To my mom and my grandmother in heaven, I miss you and both are in my heart. When it comes to days like this one, I remember you and I wish you can be here with me. Mom thank you for giving me life and for raising me the way you did. You leave us too soon and you didn’t have the chance to meet all the grandkids (13) and great-grandkids (7 plus 2 coming soon). They are all wonderful, caring, and loving peoples same as you. Thank you, Mom and keep watching us from heaven.

And to me just watching my family being happy is already a blessing. So I will be enjoying a peaceful day.

To all of you, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

pink 4

Valentine’s Day!

In a few days will be Valentine’s Day. I’m getting ready valentines cards for my granddaughters to take to school. Between the valentine’s cards and decorating the boxes to carry the cards we ate half of bag of chocolate.

I will have a lovely day, I always do. My husband will bring flowers for me and our two granddaughters (9 and 6). I love daisies and pink roses and I will get my traditional box of chocolate that I will share with the grandkids.

After 30 years of marriage, I don’t need any expensive gifts. I love my husband and we care for each other. After dinner we will watch a good movie, have some wine, and popcorn.

I’m grateful and blessed for having a wonderful husband and for giving me all the love and care.


The most important thing is the love that we have for each other.