JusJoJanuary 2, 2023! “Constellation”

Growing up I was fascinated by the stars. Lying on the balcony looking at the sky. However, I never got to identify the constellations, for me I did not see the form or shape as others did.  I was terrible at that. My younger sister would see the big dipper, the bear, and the planets and there I was staring at the sky with no clue. I still look at the sky with no clue. I am a Gemini, and I would like to see the constellation of the twins.

Thank God for books I can read about it and read my horoscope. No matter if I look at the sky and have no clue.


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One-Liner Wednesday~ I’m back!

“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.”~ Anonymous


I’m happy to be back blogging. After two months of recovering from surgery, I’m ready. I have lots of things to catch up on, however, I feel rejuvenated.

Badge by Laura @ riddlefromthemiddle.com
Badge by Laura @ riddlefromthemiddle.com

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JusJoJan the 16th, 2022- “Ridiculous”

After a rough week being sick, I’m up and ready to finish what I’ve started. However, let me clarify I didn’t stay home because of being sick. I went to work wearing my mask all day. I’ve to be up by 4:00 am and ready to go by 5:20 am. At the end of the workday at 1:30 pm when back home directly to bed without doing anything else. I’ve been exhausted from working and sick at the same time.


On Friday, I was feeling much better and went to work as normal. However, I wasn’t counting on this. The day before we got 10 inches of snow so after I got to work, they announced the schools from our district would have a 2-hour late start. Okay, not too bad. I was in school already and classes would begin at 10. No breakfast for the kiddos so I did my bookwork, my food orders for the week, and the inventory for the week. I was ahead of my work. At 8:30, I got an alert on my phone that school was canceled because of the road conditions. Really? Why the school district didn’t decide it earlier?


The roads were awful. It was hard to get out of the parking lot. And guess what happened next. I got stuck on the road almost got into a ditch. I’ve to call my husband. It took almost half an hour to get my vehicle out of the snow. I got home safely after all the hazards.

What a morning? Nope, I didn’t go back to bed. Instead, I’ve been cleaning the house. The rest of my Friday and all-day Saturday, but it’s done.


It feels good to be home. Here it is a ridiculous day in my life especially when I began to feel better. On the positive thought, I’m ahead on my paperwork from work and have all my chores caught up.


It’s time to relax and enjoy my day reading.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 16th, 2022, is “ridiculous.” Use the word “ridiculous” any way you’d like. Have fun! Thanks to Lauren for the fun prompt.

Reading Challenge for 2022

Everyone knows how much I loved to read. I have books in every room in my home. I carry in my purse my kindle so when I’m in the Dr. office I read it while I wait to be called.

My Goodreads challenge has been completed with reading and reviewing thirty books. In the past, I have read more than thirty, however lately I have been cutting down. For next year’s challenge, I’m down to twenty since I would like to reread a few old novels and those take time to finish. Some of these novels I read it years ago and it’s time to enjoy them again.

I’m rearranging my bedroom shelves with the novels I want to reread. Adding the ones, I want to read and the children’s book I read to my grandchildren. Now, my bookshelves are done and ready for the New Year.

Here is my novel’s reading list for 2022

  • La Carreta by Rene Marquez
  • Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra
  • Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchel
  • Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien
  • Wicked by Jerry Maguire
  • Roots By Alex Haley
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Old books on wooden planks with blur shimmer background

SoCS~ “Lucky”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “luck.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

 Feeling lucky tonight? It’s a slogan for a North Dakota Casino Ad. They show the ad so many times that it gets annoying. Depends on my mood, I will respond a yes! or I mumble a nasty word.

Analyzing those words “feeling lucky”.  Well, I’ve never won the lottery or any raffle. Meanwhile, my husband has been a winner in a few raffles with nice prizes. No lottery winner yet. I feel his luck is my luck because in the end, I keep the prizes.

Do I feel lucky? Yes, I’m lucky.  I’ve my family, a job that I love, things I treacherous and my husband’s prizes.

SoCS prompt is hosted by Linda G. Hill. 

I’m bored!

For weeks, my mood has been ups and downs. Also, I’m getting lazy. After work, I don’t want to do anything only sit on my couch or take a nap.  I have to drag myself to cook dinner, clean, or exercise on my stationary bike. I have days where my mind’s it’s all over the place. I will love to accomplish something at home instead I’m tired all the time. I don’t turn on my computer as often as I used to. I feel bored.  We are off from school today and I did accomplish a few chores. And that’s enough for me. I’m getting ready to read a book. I’m tired already and I took my vitamins.

I’m back

I have been absent from blogging for a little bit. I decide to take a little break from social media and blogging. It was getting to be too much. My mind feels clear and with this absence from social media, I have a chance to take care of myself.

I was spending too much time reading stranger’s negatives comments about politics or the pandemic on social media. I was getting overwhelmed with all the negativity we have around I didn’t want to write in my blog, work on my journal, or read a book. My mind was feeling heavy. I was feeling sad and angry at everything. It was time to unplug for a while. I feel recharged. I finished a few projects I have put away and the Meds for the depression has been working fantastic. I wasn’t aware of how much social media and blogging was taking from me.

Meanwhile, I did some gardening for spring and got ready for the winter. I bought a stationary bike and every day I challenge myself to exercise. I took an online class “Creative Writing” and it was fun and inspiring. Also, a meditation class that helps to balance my life including a budget plan. If I want to retire in five years, I need to have a plan. I did a few changes and at this time it’s working. Unplugging myself from social media and focusing on my goals it has been helpful and a big change.

To finalize this post, I have wonderful news. I became for the fifth time a grandma of a baby boy. He was born on October 21. I haven’t seen him since I have a cold, but as soon as I get better, I will hold him in my arms.

Happy Sunday!

SoCS~ “Practice”

After weeks of social distancing, this situation is driving me nuts. One thing I’m grateful for my husband and I are still working. The place he works have then on rotation and the days he’s at home he’s on called, taking classes online and gets paid.

In our schools, the teachers and administrators are working from their home except for the custodians and us the kitchen staff. We have been bagging breakfast and lunches for the kids and parents will pick it up between 11-1. Our district has twelve schools and only five are open to prepared and pick up lunches and mine it’s one of them.

To keep everyone on the payroll they send the other staff kitchen to the open schools. In our school, two other elementary kitchen staff are working with us. I also have to rotate the staff because of the social distancing only eight can be at the building. When we are off, we also get paid but we have to be on called until 1. Everyone gets along very well and the schedule has been working great.

With this pandemic and social distance, we are having some tough times. As a group, I can see how everyone has been affected by this coronavirus. We missed our routine, our students and the rest of the staff members. We don’t know when the schools will be back to normal. We have 24 days of school left and not seeing the students has been tough.

I’m feeling bored, tired and listening to the News it’s making me anxious. My pile of books to read is down to two. What I’m going to read next? I can’t go to Barnes and Noble’s they are limiting customers inside the store and I need my time to find good books. I guess I can download books on my kindle, however, I love the touch of the books it feels right.

What about the word “practice” for this prompt? It looks like I didn’t use it at all. The only thing I can say that I have been practicing my lettering for my bullet journal. But with this feeling of being bored nothing looks fun anymore. Also, with the social distance, I’ve never realized I’m a hugger and I missed it.


SoCS~ “Practice” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

JusJoJan Day 19: “Gobbledygook”

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 19th, 2020, is “gobbledygook.” Use the word “gobbledygook” any way you’d like. Have fun!


Gobbledygook or gibberish a funny way to make our own words and make them have sense. Especially when we are playing scrabble and want to win the game. I do that all the time.

JusJoJan 2020 is hosted by Linda G. Hill.