Here is my blurb:

Mary was “fed up” with Bob and he knew it. Mary already let him know. The way she talks and looks at him it’s obvious that something was wrong, however for Bob it wasn’t the same. He didn’t understand the reason that will make Mary been fed up at him.

Mary wrote a letter to Bob explaining to him all the reasons she has to be upset at him. When Bob got the letter he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Should I read this?” he taught.

Meanwhile, Mary was remembering when she met Bob at the College. The first day she met him it was in the Algebra class. He enters the class and immediately she noticed how handsome he was.  He took her breath away. He sat behind her and she started getting nervous knowing that he was impressed by her too.

“Why this is happening?” Mary taught.

“Why now?” Mary keeps thinking.

Bob keeps reading the letter. He was in disbelief what Mary wrote to him.

“I can let this happen”, he said.

Bob decided to confront Mary. He needs to make a decision and he already knew what to do. He saw her standing in the corner. She looks at him and he still looks like the first day they met. Bob went closer to her and when he was going to talk to her, Mary took the letter from his hand.

“Don’t say it, please”, Mary said.

“Why not? “, Bob said.

“Because “and at that moment, Mary went silence and throw the letter away.


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Bye January

Today is the last day of January and it went fast.  A few days ago I just put away the outside Christmas decoration that was cover of snow. The past few weeks the weather has been in the 30 and 40 and it felt good, however today has been cold in a single digit and predicting snow. It’s getting colder by the hour. It’s Saturday and I’m bored.

After the laundry and all the cleaning have been done, it will be TV time. Tonight we’re planning to watch “Transcendence” with one of my favorite actors Mr. Johnny Depp and “Non- Stop with Liam Neeson.

In addition, I will be finishing the last two chapters of “The lost Goddess” by Tom Knox. I started this book back in November and I didn’t have the chance to finish it. The holidays kept me busy and now I’m being bored I decide to finish the book. By the way this book it’s very good. Meanwhile, I will be waiting patiently for the month of February to fly away as fast as January went.