Making plan for spring

It’s time to have a plan. I’m an organized person at work and a disorganized at home. So, I’ve learned to keep a planner. What I like about it, I can follow it exactly as I want or make any changes here and there.

It’s time to make my spring list and enjoy every minute before it disappears before my eyes. Here in North Dakota spring and summer are short seasons. We still have plenty of snow on the ground means no cleaning outside.

Until then, I can begin cleaning my closet, especially my husband. However, I can’t wait for fresh air and sitting outside under my favorite tree.

Here is my Spring bucket list:
1- Clean the closets
2- Donate anything it’s not needed it
3- Clean my yard
4- Plant flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and I want a plum tree
5- Fixed and clean my special garden in my backyard. It’s where I spread my dog’s ashes.
6- Begin my everyday walks. I love those it clears my head.
7- Play outside with my grandkids
8- Go to the farmers market
9- Drink a lot of lemonade and smoothies
10- It’s time to plan for the summer

My next trip

I enjoy traveling and that’s why I’ve a few trips on my bucket list.  It gets difficult to leave for days, because I take care of my dad. When I’ve the chance to travel then my sister would stay in my home with him.

My next trip would be in the middle of July, I’ll be going to Arizona. My daughter had been living there since February and she bought a house. The school would begin at the end of July and so my husband and I are taking our two granddaughters to live with their mommy.

Another reason I want my husband to come with us is to check if we can live there after we retire in a few years. We are trying to decide between Arizona and Colorado. Plus my husband loves cowboy’s movies and so a trip to Tombstone and the Grand Canyon would be the perfect combination.  




Daily Post: Voyage

Thanks, Hindsight

I’d make a list of goals I would love to accomplish this year; however been only February and is too soon to tell.

One goal of my list is to keep myself healthy; I still don’t get the flu where some of my coworkers already have it. I’m eating healthy, taking my MEDs for my depression, and my diabetes. As a result, I’m sleeping better and that’s a plus.

Another goal is to travel more often, it will happen soon.  I’ve plane tickets to visit my daughter in Arizona during Easter vacation. My next trip is planned for June to visit my family in Puerto Rico.

I’ve challenge myself to read more and I’m excited about being four books ahead.

One of my goals I’m not doing so well is blogging every day like I want to. I work full time, take care of my dad, baby sitting my grandkids after school and by the time I sit down I’m tired and ready to go to bed. I’m glad am still taking my online class.  I work on this during the weekends and it gives me the chance to keep writing.

I’m doing well so far with my goals; however to count my goals that I’ve accomplished I’ve to wait until December.

Today here in the USA we are celebrating Valentine’s Day. To everyone who celebrated this day Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m getting dinner ready; the wine is in the fridge at least my Moscatto. My hubby’s wine he likes it at room temperature. Meanwhile, we are resting and watching “The Walking Dead” marathon and counting the hours for tonight’s new episode.

Have a wonderful day!

valentine 2


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Kick It!

I use to have a wish list when I was young always adding more wishes or dreams. Some of them I did accomplish as part of growing up. I’m talking about college, marriage, a family, and a home. However now days I keep my bucket list, wish list, or my goals in a notebook that I keep on my night desk. What I have written on my list is not a difficult task to accomplish. Let me show some of them:

Eat healthy and lose weight (I’m following a 1,200 calories diet. Doctor’s order)

Exercise daily (right now I’m doing two times a week)

Vacation to Hawaii, Vegas, and Rome (three places I would like to visit and add to the other places I already visit)

A cruise as my second honeymoon (maybe Mexico or The Bahamas)

Learn to swim (I want to this for a long time)

Write (that’s why I have this blog)

Retired and move south (a few more years and maybe Arizona or Colorado would be a wonderful place to live.)

I can accomplish my goals depending on how determine I decide to be and add a few more wishes when the list started to get shorter.


bucket list


What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?


Practice Makes Perfect?

I’ve never considered myself talented. At times I wish I had the talent for sewing, knitting, crafting, painting, and writing novels. Of course I’ve other talents like reading, cooking, organizing, dancing, I’m capable to listen and give advice. However it will be nice to have the talents that I mentioned earlier.

The reason I would love those talents are to sew clothes for my granddaughters, knitting for household things, craft photo albums, paint beautiful landscapes for relaxing purposes, and write novels as do famous authors that I like to read.

Do you think this sounds impossible? As a child, my mother would say that nothing was impossible and I must be positive and learn. I should write it on my bucket list. I guess it’s not that difficult.  




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The Satisfaction of a List

I’ve a wish list since I was a teenager.  Some of the wishes already have been cross off.  Every time I read the book “The Magic” or “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne I’ll get inspired to add more desires and more gratitude to the list. It looks like I’m adding more to the list than crossing them off. That’s okay. However, this list is my way to fulfill my dreams and to continue on this journey for a better me. My next project will be my visual board. It’s nice to dream no matter if we never finish crossing them off from the entire list.

Here are a few of the things from my wish list:

  1. Go to Ireland, New Zealand, Egypt, and Australia
  2. Go on a cruise to Moscow, Alaska, and Mexico
  3. Lose weight and also keep it.
  4. Purchase a Ranch in Colorado or Arizona where I can retire
  5. Purchase a brand new Truck, a brand new Camper, and a motorcycle


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If you can dream…

Who doesn’t have a wish list, birthday wish, or Christmas wish? I remember writing in my notebook a list I wanted to accomplish for when I grew older.

Since I was a teen I’ve a wish or dream list. I’ve been adding or crossing off from my list when I accomplish one. At the time, I want the same dreams as the other teenagers like to get married, have a family, a house, a career, a dream job, money, and vacations. I’ve accomplished some of them.

I want to share the ones I’ve accomplished so far:
1. I went to college.
2. I’m married to a wonderful man.
3. I have a wonderful family (3 children and 4 grandkids).
4. I own my house.
5. I have a great job I enjoy.
6. I’ve taking writing classes thanks to my library who offers free online classes.
7. I’ve done some traveling during my husband Army years. I’ve been or lived in Texas, Germany, Austria, France, and North Dakota where I’m being living for the past twenty years. I also did a cruise to Jamaica.
8. I’ve been writing and I love it.

I’ve been in places only I was able to dream when I was a kid. However, I’m not done traveling. I’ll like to visit Hawaii, Alaska, Jerusalem, Egypt, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Italy, England, and Ireland.

This is my new bucket list:
1. Renew my vows
2. A second honeymoon to Las Vegas
3. Retire and move to Arizona
4. A new home
5. A new car for my husband
6. Money for my family and all my desires.
7. Publish my book
8. Take dance classes
9. Been healthy as losing weight, control my sugar (I’m type 2 diabetic), and control my depression
10. Join a mystery book club

I’ve been blessed all these years. I’ve encouraged my kids and my grandkids to write down a wish, dream or bucket list depends how you want to call it. I want them to dream big and to be grateful for what they have and will have in the future.

Do you have a bucket list? Do you have accomplished your dreams?
Keep Dreaming!

~ See you soon~