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When I started with my journal I did it for different reasons. One, my doctor suggested as an exercise for my mental health.  Second, for keeping myself organized I used to forget appointments or paying bills. And third, for writing and doodles whatever comes into my mind. This process has been helpful with all the craziness I was feeling. I still do.

SoCS~ “jour”



SoCS~ “Year”

A reflection of this past year.

This year has had its ups and down nothing has been perfect, still, I feel I did better than last year. Setting up a bullet journal (bujo) in April has been a great help with organizing and finishing tasks. Also, a quick reminder of appointments and important events. I can’t believe how much this bullet journal has helped in organizing my work and personal life.

At work, everything has been fantastic. I love my job; however, I have days where the stress can ruin my entire day. What makes my job stressful? The attitude of some of the students who don’t have any respect for others.

I have been enjoying more quality time with my family, however, analyzing how my year went I can do better. I need to incorporate more visits or phone calls with my siblings and be a better friend to my friends. I need to call them more often.

I didn’t write much this past year I put it aside. I’m concentrated on taking care of my health. I didn’t realize taking care of my health it was tougher than I thought.

Next year, it’s going to be great. My health will stay as my priority because without my health I can’t do anything.

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A recap on my bullet Journal

I begin a journal in April. Having been depressed all the time I was missing appointments, forgetting to take my medicines, birthdays, and I was getting disorganized. My daughter gave me a Faith planner and I didn’t know what to expect. I decide to check on the internet and I found the bullet journal. I check a few sites and I was amazed by the creativity some people were put on it. You can track anything you want and decorated the way you like it. Of course, all the drawings weren’t necessary, however it makes the journal looks beautiful. I decide to make one.


The first two months I was tracking too many projects and I was overwhelmed. I want my journal to look like the ones I was seeing on the website. My first mistake I can’t draw therefore my journal wasn’t looking as beautiful as the one I was watching on the internet. I became more frustrated with it and I ended throwing the journal. I’ve to get a new one. Second mistake I was spending too much time overthinking and for that reason nothing was getting done. The depression was getting worse. My third mistake I was tracking too many projects and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I want to quit the journal, however I’m not a quitter.


I decide to give it another try, but this time in a different direction. I’ve to make this journal work for me. During the summer my journal was all about my vacation time with my grandkids. I track the places we visit, my mood tracker was pretty good, and I took all my medicines on time.


The month of August I made a few changes. I was tracking my eating habits and my appointments. Now I’m back to work and I want to incorporate a few things from work like my meetings and ordering. I don’t want to get overwhelmed, but I don’t want to forget those little things. In the future I can add some blogging ideas and with the holidays approaching a shopping list.


A lesson learned I don’t need to compete with other journals. My journal must accomplish my needs and keep me organized.


It’s working well

I made it through the month of April using my bullet journal. Except for the last week of April when I ended with a kidney infection and I almost ended in the ER. Most of the time I was in bed with lots of pain. I was treated with antibiotics for seven days and missed a day of work. Imagine working with that pain, feeling chills, and fever. I still made it through the day until Friday when I can’t handle it anymore. The pain is over and I’m feeling stronger by the day.


I was telling my husband since I’m getting closer to the big 6-0, I’m feeling too sick and old. He smiles, he knows when to be quiet. He’s a smart man.


Going back to my bullet journal for the first month it feels I accomplished a few things. It’s not a fancy journal with drawings or stickers, however it’s doing the purpose of keeping me on track and not forgetting the tasks that can later it makes me feel sorry for not finishing on time. Starting in May I make a nice page for scheduling my books for review and more time for writing for my blog.


What do I have for the month of May? Well, I’m counting the days for my summer vacation only 16 days of work (school ends on the 24th). Preparing a few trips for the summer and to be with my wonderful girls who are also waiting to spend time with grandma.












Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fab.” Use it as a word or find a word beginning with “fab.” As always, use any way you’d like. Have fun!


My first week of the bullet journaling it wasn’t as fabulous as I wanted to be. To be honest, I was frustrated when I couldn’t have the beautiful pages with drawings. They didn’t look like the ones I saw in Pinterest. I realize I don’t know how to draw or write calligraphy. I broke the paper a few times and I started all over again.


However, the purpose of starting my bullet journal was to keep everything in one place and make my life easier. Let me tell you, I did accomplish what I wrote for the first week. I even made a few phone calls and email a friend that I always forgot at the end of the day. I didn’t miss a day of my MEDs, I did my prayers every night, and I made a mood and a water tracker.


I’m working on my second and third week. My concentration would be in the tasks and goals. Later I can make the pages look pretty using stickers. I just have to make my bullet journal in a way it works for me.


It’s raining and finally all the snow has melted. I love rainy days. I’m getting ready to go to the flea market. And for the rest of the day I’m cleaning my closet and tonight reading a new book.


Have a Fabulous Saturday!


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My first Bullet Journal

Last couple of days I’ve been running in cycles, disorganized, overwhelmed, stress out, wanting to finish my things and not having the time to finish. By the time it’s night time I’m frustrated, feeling crazy, and I want to scream.

A friend from work mentioned I should have a “bullet journal”. I do have a journal type of a diary, however after I did some research and I find it wasn’t the same. I found a “bullet journal” lets you record, track, and organize your tasks, events, and notes no matter where or when you need to add to your journal. It’s a personal organizer, planner, and calendar all in one.

Immediately, it got my interest. A journal that will keep me organized and not forgetting to make a phone call or an appointment. I got a chance to find examples of others bullet journals and they look pretty, colorful, and fun. I can use my colored pens and stickers. It’s a winner!

I’m starting mine tomorrow, April 1st I think this may work. I hope to keep this type of journal, maybe I stay organized and not forgetting to take my MEDs or make an appointment. Also, I want to keep track of my eating habits, my time for writing, reading, and my to-do list. It will be nice to accomplish my goals.

Do you have a “bullet journal”? What do you think? I hope it works for me.