My Christmas tree it’s done. I was debating if I should decorate this year or not. It’s not even be three weeks since my dad passed away and I’m not ready for celebration. My grandkids had been asking for the decoration and they want to cheer me up. Every year I decorated my home in honor of my mother. Both of my parents love Christmas especially the family gathering.

I think it’s too soon, however the spark on my grandkids eyes brings a little of happiness in my heart. I have work to do with finishing the house. My villages and nutcrackers are next on my list.

A few minutes before he has the heart attack we were talking about decorating his bedroom. Now, his room is close and I don’t know if I can grant his wish.


Daily Post: Sparkle


This is the first time I heard the word bespoke. I never heard anyone using it in a conversation or reading it in a book.  Let’s me explain English is my second language so this word wasn’t in my vocabulary.  I grab the dictionary and look for it. However even knowing the meaning of bespoke still doesn’t inspire me to write at all. I’ve been staring at my computer screen with nothing to say.

 In the meantime, I took this picture of my dogs sleeping around the Christmas tree it looks they have a favorite spot.


Daily Post: Bespoke

I think, I’m ready!

photo 3photo

What a week. I can’t believe how busy I have been. I’m getting ready for the holidays. My house is all the decorated. Every room and corner of the house has been decorated and ready for the holiday. Today, I just finished my youngest son’s room. He will be back from college in a few days. I can’t wait to see his face. It looks festive. I just put a small blue tree in front of his window, a pair of nutcrackers on his desk, a bowl of candy, and a cute snowman on top of his TV. He’s so spoiled.

Yesterday, I did some of the groceries for the party, and the menu has been selected. I always have two activities one on Christmas Eve with the entire family and the second on Christmas Day with the kids and grandkids. My shopping is almost done, only one gift left, my husband.  Then, the hard part is wrapping all of them- that’s a challenge.

I feel the happiness of the season, but at the same time a little stress out.  Usually, the holidays cause all this mix emotions. The memories of my childhood always present, especially my mother. This is the time that I missed her the most.

I have one more week of work before my Christmas vacation will start. The school has a two week of vacation, so I better rest and enjoy the time.

I’m getting ready for bed; tomorrow will be the start of the countdown for our vacation. We will start the week with a potluck, then on the Tuesday exchange of gifts, and the rest of the week with candies and lots of sweetness. It’s fun and that’s one of the reasons I love my job.

I want to hear from my readers. How everyone is doing at this time of the year?  Are you ready for the holidays? Because I think I’m ready.

See you soon.

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I love Christmas movies!

 I have been watching the Hallmark movies all weekend long and I love it. I just finished decorating my house and next weekend it will be making cookies. My grandkids already are making a list of which one they want as sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and corn flake cookies. Also they want me to make lemon bars, snicker bar, and chocolate bars. It will be yummy, I’m sure.

Meanwhile for tonight I’m done and tired, so I will be watching more Hallmark movies until is time to go to bed. The Christmas movies always make me cry and emotional, especially like “The Christmas shoes”, “The Christmas blessing”, and “The Christmas wish”, and so many, many more.

The house looks beautiful and cozy. Ok, I’m already crying with “The Christmas Blessing”.


The Countdown begin…


The countdown to the holidays has just begun. I have to start shopping for the holidays. For several people it’s too soon, but having a big family is never too early. Usually I make my first layaway the day after Halloween starting with the three oldest. After that, I do the little ones so they have more time to think what they want. They loved to write a few letters one to Santa (the big letter) and the other to their grandparents (one gift). My last gift to buy it will be for my husband after 31 years of marriage it’s getting difficult to obtain something special for him.

I have my Christmas tree already up with no decoration yet. I will décor my tree and my house on Thanksgiving Day with the kids. It’s a tradition we all want to keep.

I’m planning the menu for that day with the help of my daughter. My older kids want to add their own specialty. We do a secret Santa on that day. The rules for the secret Santa are a silly prank, a postcard, and a handmade gift no more than 10 dollars.

I still have another week and a half to prepare meanwhile, I have been watching and enjoying Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel. It makes me want to have my home already decorated. The spirit of the holiday season has already invaded my home.

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