One-Liner Wednesday~ Joy

“Christmas is Joy, religious Joy, an inner Joy of light and peace.”~ Pope Francis

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A great Christmas

I have a wonderful Christmas. Two of my kids didn’t make it this year. My daughter sends the two girls to spend Christmas with us. However, she can’t make it because of her new business. She started her business less than a year and she can’t leave it without supervision. We all missed her. My youngest son it’s with his wife’s side of the family every year they take turns and this year it was their turn.

Even so, we all have a beautiful Christmas. My oldest son came with my grandson and for a few months he’s been dating so he brought his girlfriend a very nice lady and she brought her little girl. My favorite part was watching everyone opening their presents. I spend lots of time wrapping gifts and it takes seconds to reap the paper.

We spend all day watching Christmas movies “Christmas Story, “Klaus” and “Christmas Chronicles” and playing Monopoly and UNO. We have a great Christmas dinner with plenty of leftovers. At the end of the night, I reflect on everything I have and I have done for the past year. I began to feel a little nostalgic missing all my loved ones who are gone.

I realized how much I have been blessed. My depression has been in control I have to keep taking MEDs for that. The girls will be here until Jan 4th so we are planning fun things to do. It’s a blessing having them here with their laughs and talking about school.

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SoCS~ “Jingle Bells”

The prompt word for today is “ingle”. Perfect prompt for this time of the year. In a few days, we will be celebrating Christmas with the family. By the way, WooHoo!!! Schools out until next year!! Cheers my friends!!

Tonight, I’m having a family gathering this is what Christmas it’s all about. Spending time with the family and cherishing every single moment. Also, my two oldest granddaughters are arriving from Phoenix. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to spend Christmas with my loved ones.

Back to the prompt, “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh… it’s the song my granddaughter who is 3 sings every time she comes to the house. It’s the only song she knows and loves. I’ve been teaching her different songs like “Santa is coming to town”, “Frosty the Snowman” or “Feliz Navidad” however she keeps singing Jingle Bells. So, when she’s here then “Jingle Bells” it is.

Wishing you love, peace, happiness, and a little magic during this holiday season.

SoCS ~”ingle” is hosted by Linda G. Hill!

Merry Christmas!

 I flew from North Dakota to Arizona on Thursday night to surprise my granddaughters. The flight got delayed and by the time I arrived the girls were asleep not knowing I was coming. I gave my daughter a hug and I told her how much I’ve missed her. My daughter sits me at the dining table and went to get the girls. The girls thought they were in trouble. They came down and walk close to where I was sitting without noticing me. The girls keep looking at their mom when finally, they saw me smiling at them. They began to jump of excitement and run to give me a hug. We all have tears of joy. The oldest thought I will spend Christmas with them. My daughter has to explain I was part of the surprise and they would be spending Christmas in North Dakota with the rest of the family. Their faces were pure joy until they realized that mommy wasn’t coming with us. She told them it will be fine because she has to work and can’t get the time off also she will pick them up on New Year’s. At least I’ve the chance to spend a day with her and we have a mini Christmas and open a few gifts. We flew back on Friday and the girls already play in the snow.  We have a white Christmas and according to the weather expect 17 to 24 inches of snow. My daughter gave us the best Christmas gift letting the girls come and visit us for Christmas. I wish everyone who celebrates the holidays a wonderful, beautiful, and magical Christmas. We all need to remember the holidays isn’t about material gifts it’s all about the gift of family and their love. I wish the spirit of Christmas stay forever in everyone’s heart.


Enjoy your holidays!

I’ll be taking a little break from blogging to enjoy the holiday season with my family. I’ll be back in January 2016. After finishing, decorating the house is time to do some shopping and some baking. I’m anxious for vacation time; just five more work days and the countdown begin.

I’ll keep reading my favorite blogs; however I will not have the time to post.  I feel my family and close friends deserved my full attention.


To my readers have a wonderful Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your family time and I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2016! Wishing everyone happiness, health, success, and peace.

Mayaguez 2015

5 days till Christmas!


I work at the school kitchen, so I’m on Christmas break too. I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I still need to get something for my husband. I still don’t know what I’m getting for him, maybe a beer kit -he loves beer, socks, or pajamas. I know for sure that I will be wrapping the gifts at the last-minute.

I will be baking, making the pasteles, coquito (type of eggnog with coconut and Puerto Rican rum), flan, arroz con dulce (creamy rice with coconut).

At my house, my grandkids have been playing founding Buddy the Elf. Every night, Buddy gets hidden and whoever finds it gets a point. He can’t be touched or his magic will disappear. It’s so fun that I’m been playing it too. My youngest granddaughter has the most points. The winner will get extra cookies, popcorn, and candy cane.

Also during this weekend, I will be taking my grandkids to see the Christmas lights at the park if the weather allowed it. They are predicting snow and below temperatures. It’s cold here in North Dakota.

This last five days before Christmas we will be doing some sledding, watch Christmas movies, read Christmas stories, and of course drink hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows.

I have been blessed this year. Having my family so close to me is a truly blessing!

Can’t wait for Christmas day!