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One-Liner Wednesday & #JusJoJan 1/30/19

There is no school and no mail delivered for today (Minot, ND). My goal for today, I can finish reading a book I started or maybe, I can clean a little bit. Oh wait, it’s too cold to be cleaning. 🙂

One-Liner Wednesday & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt 2019 is hosted by Linda G. Hill.


#JusJoJan 2019


Last day of September

It’s the last day of September and it’s chilly outside and my plants are getting brownish. In my neighborhood, there isn’t a lot of color changes in the trees, just yellowish leaf’s falling on the ground. We don’t have all the different kinds of trees that makes the fall season so colorful.

This morning I was reading on the internet 31 reasons why we love October. I don’t want to sound negative, but the Fall season isn’t one of my favorites. However, I want to give it a try and check which ones I do like. I won’t count in our family, we have around 35 birthdays in the month of October including my oldest son. And no matter the birthdays I don’t consider October one of my favorites.

I’m not bringing all 31 reasons from the article some of them sounds like a repeat.
Here is a few of them:
1- Trees began to change colors – I already mention we don’t have all the colorful trees. The leaves are just falling on the ground. You clean your yard and hours later you need to start all over again.
2- Fall décor- I love decorating with pumpkins and scarecrows. At this moment, I’ve one pumpkin on my porch. I’ll begin decorating very soon.
3- Sweaters- They are cute and soft; however, they make me sweaty and hot. (I know it’s the menopause)
4- Football season- I don’t watch football.
5- Pumpkin bars- I’ve a sweet tooth. I love them, however I’m not a great baker and I try to be far, far, away.
6- Hot cocoa- I make hot cocoa all the time. It’s one of my favorite drinks next to my coffee.
7- Apple cider- not my favorite.
8- Bonfires- We do the bonfires on the lake during the summer. We never do them in the fall, maybe it’s something I should think about it.
9- Pumpkin patch- I love visiting the pumpkin patch and walking in the corn maze.
10- Candy Corn- okay it’s one of my favorites
11- Candies- the article says we sees candies everywhere. I always see them no matter the season. I try to hide from them, too.
12- Scary movies- it’s true you can watch more scary movies during October, however you can watch them all the time it’s our perception to watch movies according to the season.
13- Read- they say we like to read more about this time of the year. I read all the time.
14- Blankets- they got me there. I love being covered in my favorite blanket.
15- Halloween- I love Halloween, the costumes, and the décor, however when it gets too cold and it’s already snowing the kids hide their costumes in their jackets.

I show I like a few things from October, however one thing it wasn’t on the list that I love. My favorite meal soups and chilly. Yum! Also, getting closer to my favorite season of all.

my garden looks sad


This winter looks like it doesn’t have any intentions of ending.  They’re predicting more snow starting tonight until Tuesday morning. Adding another 10 inches to the 60 inches of snow in the ground would put us at risk for flooding. I know the city has been working hard to keep the roads clean and picking up the snow from some areas to dump in a field out of town. They’ve a lot of work to do. I’ll keep praying for the snow to slow down. I’m afraid of the flooding they already mention in the news.   We all need a break from this cold weather and the snow. I want to be able to go out without any worry about the road conditions.


'I never thought I'd say this, but I'm even getting sick and tired of winter.'

‘I never thought I’d say this, but I’m even getting sick and tired of winter.’

Daily Post: Infinite

Daily Post: Trio No. 3

 Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).



The night is dark and it’s cold. The sign of winter is around the corner. I’m looking at the houses from my neighborhood, all decorated for Halloween. The feeling of the holidays approaching it’s what I love the most.

I went back inside the house and I turn on the TV to watch Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin. During the commercials I have been craving for a delicious hot cocoa. I open my fridge and grab the milk just to notice how empty is starting to look. I felt upset just to think I must do grocery shopping that’s the job I hate so much.

I got my cocoa and I continue watching Charlie Brown. The cup of cocoa is steamy and hot. I just took a sip and burn my tongue. My eyes watered and filled with tears, but the joy of having the cocoa and watching Charlie Brown with the grandkids was priceless.

It’s cold

Following the holiday vacation I went back to work for a few days and then we started to have bad weather and what they called a polar vortex. Never heard about this terminology before and I’m have been getting information in Google. Temperatures have been below 24 with the wind blowing feeling like below 40. School has to be canceled and in some areas there is no electric power. I’m being grateful I didn’t lose it for too long.

I still need to take down my Christmas decorations. I just had been lazy staying in my pajamas and having hot chocolate and a bowl of soup. The only work I have done is finishing reading a book Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire also I’m been taking writing classes online and I have been doing some homework.

Now, I’m back to work again ( I work at the school kitchen) and for this week my project will be getting all the Christmas decoration down and get ready my home for Valentines Day. I will be adding some red and white décor.

No matter how cold is outside I’m grateful for having a warm and cozy home. I’m grateful for having a car that works very well in this weather and takes me to my job. I’m grateful for these coming weeks where we will be getting into the 30s.