Every day as soon as I put my feet on the floor I recite my gratitude’s. I recite “I am truly grateful for _______ because______” finishing with a thank you. I do this every morning since I bought the book “Magic from Rhonda Byrne”. Also, when I go for my walks or driving in my car I love reciting my blessings. It makes me feel appreciated it for the little things I have.

I have been teaching my granddaughters to be grateful and they sound adorable when they recite their gratitude. One of them was grateful for having an ice cream cone and the other was grateful for receiving a toy.

When I feel depressed, it gets a little more difficult because my head begins to spin and I can’t find the right words. However, I keep reciting my gratitude’s until I begin to feel better.

Daily Prompt: Recite

The Satisfaction of a List

I’ve a wish list since I was a teenager.  Some of the wishes already have been cross off.  Every time I read the book “The Magic” or “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne I’ll get inspired to add more desires and more gratitude to the list. It looks like I’m adding more to the list than crossing them off. That’s okay. However, this list is my way to fulfill my dreams and to continue on this journey for a better me. My next project will be my visual board. It’s nice to dream no matter if we never finish crossing them off from the entire list.

Here are a few of the things from my wish list:

  1. Go to Ireland, New Zealand, Egypt, and Australia
  2. Go on a cruise to Moscow, Alaska, and Mexico
  3. Lose weight and also keep it.
  4. Purchase a Ranch in Colorado or Arizona where I can retire
  5. Purchase a brand new Truck, a brand new Camper, and a motorcycle


Daily Post: Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to happiness — go silly or go deep, just go list-y.

Welcome November!


As you know we just welcome November also known as the month of the thanks and the blessings. It’s the month where we feel more grateful, we give thanks for our blessings, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and get ready for the holidays.

I know we should be thankful daily and I am, however November reminds me and each one how grateful and blessed we are.

My goal is to be thankful not only for the month of November, but for the whole year. Oh yes, the 365 days. I’m teaching my grandkids to have gratitude for everything they have. I went to the store and bought journals for us. This morning we wrote our first blessing and the kids put a lot of thought on it.

Meanwhile, let’s welcome to the month of November. Let’s be thankful and enjoy all the blessings we get daily.

November NaBloPoMo

Grateful again…

My summer vacation is over and I went back to work. Checking what I have accomplished in my two months of vacation all I can say I’m stunned. I did have a list and I’m done with the goals that I made on the first week of June. It’s awesome that I accomplished them. It’s true that at the end of August I have felt with depression and almost ruin my projects; however taking the medication I have taken control of my life again.

Today back from another weekend at the lake I started to think what else I can do? Can I accomplish my other goals? The goals I made in the beginning of the year?

What is my new goal? Finish the book that I started a year ago? The one I’m afraid of? Yes, afraid that maybe it’s not good enough or maybe loses the last 15 pounds?

At the moment I’m focused and ready to finish what I started. I’m excited and feeling grateful again. I have the power to be or do anything I want.




enjoy the weekend


I’m packing and getting ready for the weekend. I’m leaving with my family to spend the weekend at the lake. The fun is waiting and the grandkids can’t wait to be on the boat. I can’t wait for having BBQ, going fishing, watching the fireworks, and having delicious smores. It’s time to relax and enjoy the warm weather. My books, the camera, and my music are already packed. Have a good and safe weekend.

I’m grateful for having another day to enjoy my family!
God Bless America!

my daily gratitude

Every morning I list things I’m grateful for and also at night I will thank for all the good things I receive for that day. So I started to check on my daily gratitude for the past few months just to notice some of the things that appear often in my journal are:
1- My husband (married for 31 years)
2- My kids and grandkids
3- My home
4- Food on my plate
5- My job
6- Being able to take care of my elderly dad ( just move into my home for the past two years)
7- Being able to take online classes ( for the past two years and they are free)
8- My health
9- My blog (I love to write but some days I have writers block)
10- My dog (she’s a mix miniature dachshund and Pomeranian, five years old, her name is Taina)

For all this wonderful gifts I’m thankful.
I’m grateful for what I have at this moment and for what I will have tomorrow.

What are you grateful for today?

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time to relax


School is out and it’s vacation time.

Yesterday was the last day of school and it was an incredible day. I will miss the kids with their cheerful faces and occasionally their grumpiness. It has been a wonderful school year and now is time to relax and to enjoy the summer with my grandkids.

My first day of vacation has been superb and with some cleaning done. I do have a few projects to put together. A garden to finish, decorated my yard, uncluttered my house, a few trips already plan to take with the grandkids, camping, and reading a few new summer books.

Let’s have fun and a plenty of sunshine, it’s one of the phrases told by the oldest granddaughter who is ten. She’s right, the summer is short and we can’t waste any time.

So, hello vacation and let’s create some memories.

summer 2

Happy Easter

Today will be having a beautiful day here in North Dakota with a forecast of 68-70 for us, which are pretty good.

My kids and grandkids will be arriving by noon and all the baskets are ready with candies. I can’t wait to see their faces.

I want to take the time to wish everyone a Happy Easter! May your day be filled with lots of love, laughter, and chocolate!

Happy Easter and best wishes!

My daily gratitude for today:

I’m truly blessed for waking up to this amazing day and for having my family close to me!