Last night’s dream

I’ve been sick since yesterday and sleeping all day. I decide to write about a dream I had last night. The majority of my dreams are kind of strange and this is one of them.

In my dream, my best friend Lucy who passed away in 1982 at the age of 23 came to visit. She hugs me and I ask her why she’s so cold. She laughs at me, keeps touching my hands, and says boo. When we were younger Lucy always tries to scare me. She keeps talking and laughing. I saw in her hands a box. It was a gift for me. When I opened it, I see a puppy with a beautiful diamond collar and the ears were blue. Lucy looks excited about the puppy, but not me. I said to her why you are giving me this the puppy? Lucy looks confused and says, stop being silly, this puppy is very special and I choose you to take care of him. And look at that beautiful collar don’t you get it. No, I don’t get it. She keeps talking and talking meanwhile I’m holding the puppy. I touch the puppy’s ears and the color blue turn to green. Lucy gave me another hug and this time she says, please take care of the puppy and stop complicating your life. I look at her with tears in my eyes. Then she was gone. I didn’t have a chance to tell her how much I missed her.

I wake up with a high temperature and tears coming down. That’s my last night’s dream. It always happens when I dream about Lucy, she always brings me a strange gift.

I always remember her and I missed her very much. Lucy was special to me. Besides she was my best friend, we were like sisters. After she passed away, I have never had another friend like her.

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It’s been a long time since my last nightmare and hating going to bed because of it. It all starts when I was twelve; however I remember watching my mom being afraid to go to bed, too. She describes her nightmare as a feeling of someone watching her and throwing a pillow over her face. She can’t breathe and trying to open her eyes and she couldn’t. She would wake up screaming and crying. My brother and I would sleep with her to calm her down. I don’t remember exactly when her nightmares stop, but as soon her nightmares disappear, mine begun. Of all my siblings I was the only one with the same nightmare as my mother. I’d begun sleeping less and less and hating going to bed. I still can’t sleep long hours, however as today they’re gone and I don’t miss them at all.



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“The secret of Happiness is Freedom. The secret of freedom is Courage.”




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Kick It!

I use to have a wish list when I was young always adding more wishes or dreams. Some of them I did accomplish as part of growing up. I’m talking about college, marriage, a family, and a home. However now days I keep my bucket list, wish list, or my goals in a notebook that I keep on my night desk. What I have written on my list is not a difficult task to accomplish. Let me show some of them:

Eat healthy and lose weight (I’m following a 1,200 calories diet. Doctor’s order)

Exercise daily (right now I’m doing two times a week)

Vacation to Hawaii, Vegas, and Rome (three places I would like to visit and add to the other places I already visit)

A cruise as my second honeymoon (maybe Mexico or The Bahamas)

Learn to swim (I want to this for a long time)

Write (that’s why I have this blog)

Retired and move south (a few more years and maybe Arizona or Colorado would be a wonderful place to live.)

I can accomplish my goals depending on how determine I decide to be and add a few more wishes when the list started to get shorter.


bucket list


What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?


Do you believe in MAGIC?

Who doesn’t remember watching I dream of Jennie or Bewitched. I was fascinated with their magic and I use to wish to have those powers. I would blink my eyes with my arms crossed or twitch my nose waiting if I can get what I want. I would sit in front of the TV and dream. Bringing those memories and writing about those moments it makes me think how silly I was then. At that age, I thought having magic powers would make would stop the bullying or my mother’s illness.

Sometimes I would like to have the powers to make a few blinks or twitch my nose.


You have been transformed into a mystical being that has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?





Three Coins in the Fountain

Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

Oh yes number of times and I still do. Just last week I went to the Chinese restaurant and I tossed a coin in the fountain and made a wish. I do the same with shooting stars or make a wish when blowing the birthday candles.

This past weekend I went camping with the grandkids and we were sitting around the campfire making smores when we saw a few shooting star. We all got excited and made a few wishes. The grandkids love it and I love it.

I’m not sure if the wishes will come true, however is fun and it gives everyone a chance to dream.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ll walk close to a fountain. If I see one, I’ll toss a coin and made a wish again. Why not? Maybe one day my wish will come true.



Sweet Dreams!


I don’t usually remember my dreams unless I wrote them in my journal. So today I’m going with a simple quote and see everyone next time.


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Futures Past

When I was 10 years old… I wanted to be a secretary.
The thought of wearing pretty dresses or a suit, having my own desk, taking notes, answering the phone it looks appealing to a young girl. Of course, this idea of the secretary came from watching a soap opera on TV. Then in the 70’s a song came out about a secretary falling in love with her boss the song keeps me dreaming of this fabulous job. Oh yes, I want to be a secretary.
I remember asking for my birthday a typewriter, notepads, and fountain pen. My mom and my aunt made my dream come true. I have fun with all my presents.  When I was in high school, I took a few classes of typewriting and shorthand (stenography). I have the opportunity to get an after school job at an office. Surprise, surprise it wasn’t what I was expecting. I realized I was living in a fantasy world and the dream to be a secretary start to fade.
Today I’m working as a kitchen supervisor in an elementary school. I will never imagine that I will end working in a kitchen, for the reason that I didn’t like to cook when I was growing up. I love taking care of the food program and watching the children getting healthy food. Working with them is an amazing experience. I have the perfect job.
Despite I’m not a secretary I’m happy the way everything turn up.
now and loving it!



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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I don’t remember the last time I slept more than eight hours. Usually I sleep between 5-6 hours for the past ten years. I wake up at 4:45 am to get ready for work and when I come home by 3:30 I’m tired and ready for a nap. Definitely I love taking naps. When I have the chance to take them, they make me feel rejuvenated. Some days I made my naps mandatory because without them I can’t function.


Do I have trouble falling asleep? Yes, especially when I’m tired, when I feel drained, or when I get the hot flashes. It’s an awful feeling.  I love to cuddle under my blanket with my fan facing me and it’s doesn’t matter if we’re in winter.


Do I remember my dreams? Yes, all the time. They’re vivid, incredible, and amazing and when I wake up I write it in my journal. The dreams I love the most are the one where my mom talks to me. Unfortunately I remember my nightmares too. They terrified me and I can’t get back to sleep. Yes, I write them in my journal too. I don’t understand why.

Cat nap



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