I begin writing this prompt early in the morning and when I was over the edge of frustration over my siblings. They’ve been partying all night posting pictures on their Facebook page and of course they’ve to tag my name. All week I’ve been asking them to help me with my dad and they always have many excuses.

I put aside the prompt and begin with the help of my hubby to cook the Easter dinner. My kiddos would be showing up and I’ve to put aside my anger. I pray to have a great day and I did. The grandkids got their Easter basket and I got laughter and happiness from the people I love the most. My dad was smiling with the kids and he loves the dinner. The act of love made this amazing and grateful day.

Yes I was over the edge this morning, however right now I’m calm and having a glass of wine to keep me that way.  And for my siblings, I’ll let their conscience take care of them.  

edgeedge 2








Daily Prompt: Edge