Feeling Better!

I began watching what I eat and walking about a two months ago. Since then I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m taking medication and I supposed its helping, too.  I’ve my days where I wake up feeling depressed and feeling lost. However, going walking every afternoon has been helpful. I love my walks, especially when my husband comes with me.

In two weeks, I’ve a checkup with my doctor and I anxious to see how my blood levels would be. It’s great when you feel healthy and stress free. I’ve my ugly moment; however, I feel I can control myself much better.


Daily Post: Better



Very true. What was my little jolt? Yes, I know I’m 56 and it has me take a while to figure things out also appreciate them. The depression likes to take over, however I’ve made a decision to change for good. I’ve lost from my family so much that enough is enough. Not be able to assist to my granddaughter’s baptism, it has been the little jolt I need. I’m not at the family picture from that special day. I broke into tears.


Here is what I’m doing:

1-    Take my medicine for depression – I’m taking it daily.

2-    Take my medicine for my Type 2 diabetes- I’m taking it twice a day, no matter if they make me sick in my stomach.

3-    I’ve begin eating healthy and no more than 1200 calories. Watching what I’m eating and I’m keeping track with an app on my phone. I’ve already lose 10 pounds.

4-    I’m walking every day. It clears my mind. Plus, my grandson and my dog are loving it.

5-    Using less social media. I didn’t realize it was taking too much of my time.

6-    I went back to my online classes. I’m taking “Writing Fiction” and they’re fun.

7-    I’m reading more than usual.

8-    I’m taking the time to pray and meditate. It has been great for my soul.


I want to be happy and healthy. I can’t let the depression take over. It took a simple photo to make me realize how much I was missing.

Daily Post: Jolt

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

I should take care of my health in a better way. I’ve Type 2 Diabetes and I take medicine. I’m not on insulin yet, however I’ve to be careful. I went to pay a visit to my Dr on Friday and my labs shows a high sugar level of 232. Yikes!

She gives me three months to make a drastic change or she’s going to prescribe insulin. I don’t like needles.

I’ve to begin immediately a healthy diet, no sugars, take my medicines regularly and exercise.

I don’t want to make any excuses, except it’s going to be hard and difficult to follow a healthy diet. My kitchen it’s filled with cookies, lollipops, Twinkies, donuts, and ice cream. As a grandma, my house has to be filled with goodies for the kids. I’ve a bunch of temptation, however I need to try it and do my best.

This is my goal:

  1. Eat better- no diets- simply eat healthy
  2. Walk for 20-30 minutes – daily
  3. Bike- twice a week
  4. No candies, no cookies, and no ice cream.

I’ve my check out with my doctor in three months and I’m hoping my sugar levels goes down.




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