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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favourite word.” What’s your favourite word? Write about it, base your post on it, or just write about the concept of having one. Enjoy!

A week ago, my husband and I took my two granddaughters to Wyoming half away from Arizona. They went back home after school was over. My daughter finishes her school and she can take care of them without any worries. It was tough for my daughter going to school, working two jobs, and taking care of them. My daughter’s face was full of happiness.

I’ve always been close to my girls. I feel the emptiness of my home. I missed the conversations, watching our favorite tv shows, going every week to the library, and shopping. The house it’s so quiet I’m bored with nothing to do. Yes, laundry is done also the house is clean.

I admitted I love running around and been busy at all time. Yes, I do have two more grandkids who I take care of them during the week. However, I miss those girls the most. Since my dad passed away and not having the company of my dog I can feel empty. That’s the reason I’m missing them so much. I need to find something to do until I go back to work in August.

A home without noises and laughter it’s not a home.

last picture, before the goodbyes
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Home Turf

My home is where I spent time with my family. That’s the reason during the holidays my house is always full, because I love to cook and entertain.
After a long day at work I love to spend my time in the living room. The first thing after I take my shoes off I have my cup of coffee and I take a tiny nap in my couch with the TV on of course. I can’t miss my favorite afternoon shows Family Feud and Judge Judy.
This is what makes my house a cozy home:
  1. My husband, my kids, grandkids, and my two dogs
  2. The TV
  3. My books
  4. My cozy couch
  5. The family photos


Name five things in your house that make it a home.

Thanks for the lovely prompt suggestionthekyleinator!

Buyers, Beware?


The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

Dear Curious Buyer,

I’m glad you have decided to look at this antique we call “Hard Drive”. A little bit about me, I’m not a celebrity or a millionaire. My life is no glamorous. I’m just a simple person who likes you, has fears and dreams. In this hard drive you will have my lovely treasures and my precious things.

This is what you will find:

  1. Family pictures from my childhood, my kids and my grandkids. I do have a lovely family and my grandkids are my heart and soul.
  2. My favorite music, especially the Latin music. You will dance as the rhythm of the Salsa and have fun.
  3. My unfinished memoir. I have been trying to finish it. You will get to know about all my fears and how I have been struggling to get to the finish line.
  4. A few short stories that I wrote when I was just a teenager.
  5. My personal papers such as my marriage license, birth certificates, resumes, and a few love letters that I keep from my husband.
  6. One home movie that only last 3 minutes that has my mother on it. That is one of my favorite treasures.

As you can see there’s nothing glamorous, but you’ll know the love of a wife, a mother, and a grandma for her family.

So please, try to enjoy what I left on the hard drive and use it wisely.


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