A quiet Sunday

A quiet Sunday morning. Everyone is sleeping, meanwhile I’m up too early because I can’t sleep. I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, sitting in my chair with Bruno sleeping close to me. Also, I’m thinking too much and that’s a problem.

This will be the last week my in laws will be here in North Dakota. They would be going back to Puerto Rico after spending two months with us and my husband is making this trip with them. Also, it will be my last week of vacation the new school year would begin on the 23rd.

My summer has been a fun one. I made a few trips, drink a few spritzers, and ate too much ice cream. I work in my flower garden, made a few changes outside in my backyard, and around the house. I did enjoy having all the grandkids together during the week of the wedding, and the weather has been great for BBQ’s, lake, and walking. However, my depression has been awful. I’m not taking any MEDs (doctor orders) and it’s harder to stay focused. When the depression takes over, I can’t stop crying, and I don’t feel safe.

I always thought at this stage of my life, it would be easier. My home is free of children, the house looks cleaner, it’s quiet, and I can do whatever I want. However, I feel lonely, and more depressed than when I’ve a full house and running around. At this point in my life I’ve to figure out what should I do next and how I can battle this depression.





My husband has been a wonderful supporter and he’s trying to keep myself distracted. Anyone who has been following my blog knows I’ve been suffering from depression. Since losing my father, my dog, and my girls moving back to their home I’ve been a mess. My daughter says everything happens at once. I know I can be strong, however lately I feel like a mess.

My husband is taking myself, my in-laws, and my grandson in a short vacation. We are in Rapid City, South Dakota. This is the perfect place to be with the family before I go back to work. We’ve already visited the Dinosaur Park, The Reptile Garden, Keystone town, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse Monument.
Today, visiting Sturgis (78th motorcycle rally) and Deadwood. I’m working hard on myself to give everyone a smile and trying to relax.

In a positive note, I’ve a wonderful family who cares about me. I believe my husband has made the right call.

road to Mt. Rushmore


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My son’s wedding

It has been a week since my son’s wedding. Every single detail of the wedding was perfectly done. Both sides of the family were emotional and my favorite part when they’re saying their vows. I can feel their love for each other.

My daughter arrives a few days before with the girls. I begin getting overwhelmed, however I kept my situation quiet. I didn’t want to shadow my son’s happiness. My daughter came with a mission of giving all of us facials, doing our lashes, nails, and hair. The first person in her list was the bride and then the groom giving making sure her little brother looks amazing. On Thursday the night before traveling to the bride’s hometown, my stress went over the roof. On Friday the rehearsal dinner went wonderful with a few lovely speeches and getting to know the rest of the bride family members.

The ceremony went beautiful and a few tears from both mothers were obvious. The moment of our dance was special, my son was nervous and said I will follow you mom. I was a proud mom and a tearful, too. Everyone had a blast.

I did have a few incidents with my anxiety and depression kicking a few hours earlier, however I made it through. I didn’t want him to notice it. The rest of the week has been a challenge isn’t until today I begin feeling better.



my son's wedding

Prompt for #SoCS July 14/18~ Yes

Yes, I’m excited. My youngest son’s wedding it’s getting closer and closer. In eight days he’s tying the knots. Just last night my oldest son planned his bachelor party and a few of the guys drank too much including the groom. His getting nervous and I love how he’s asking advice from his grandfather. He’s so nervous and realizing today as his last Saturday as a single man. Yes, he’s counting the days.

Finally, I got two cute dresses for the wedding and I need to decide which one I’m wearing. I still have to buy my shoes and the purse. My daughter and the girls would be arriving on Tuesday. I can’t wait to spend time with them. For the rest of the week haircuts, coloring hair, lashes, and nails. It would be a busy week. I love watching my son with a smile in his face. Yes, I do.

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No- stress

When I feel overwhelmed I take a little break from the computer and social media. I’ve been taking the time to read and color some of my books. I began reading a great book that I receive from a friend (thanks Linda), soon to finish and give my honest review.

My son’s wedding is approaching and my in-laws already arrived. My daughter and the girls will be here next week and I can’t wait to hear laughter and noise all over the house. I love that. However, I’m behind in a few stuffs for the wedding and my dress is one of them. I can’t find nothing I like and the wedding is in two weeks. I’m getting stressed out. When you live in a small town it’s difficult to find something you like. Maybe a trip to the city will be the best choice.


#SoCS~ Reservations

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In five weeks would be my youngest son’s wedding. We already set up the rehearsal dinner and the following week my in laws would be arriving for the wedding and to spend the summer with us. The wedding will be held in her hometown about five hours from us. We made reservations for the hotel where we will be staying for the weekend.

My son has already chosen the song for our mother and son dance. It’s one of my favorites “Stand by Me” by Price Royce a new version in Latino style. Also, the song for his first dance it’s another of my favorite romantic songs “Amazed” by Lonestar. The song I always dedicate to my husband or vice versa.

I don’t have my dress yet. I’m fussy with the styles and it makes difficult to find. Some of the styles make me look older. It’s not fun. However, I have a few more weeks to get something cute.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve the most wonderful day. We celebrate Mother’s Day here in the USA and I’ve been blessed spending the time with my kids. I got flowers and chocolate from them and my husband made a great meal. We enjoy the nice weather and now the day is almost over I feel blessed to have a wonderful family. To all the moms out there I hope you did have a great day like mine.

To my mother in heaven, thank you for giving me life and raised me the way I am today! I love you and you always be in my heart.