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Can you believe my first born just turn 34 and he thinks he’s too old? Really? I remember the day he was born. It was also a Saturday and my husband were at a monthly training at the Army National Guard for the weekend. Luckily the training was close from our home. I was cleaning and by 11:30 am the contractions begun. I didn’t have a phone in my home so my neighbor calls my husband. He arrives around noon and helps me with changing my clothes. Then he drives to the hospital where we got into a lot of traffic. We arrived around 12:30 and between him filling the paperwork my water broke and I have my baby at 12:45pm. I didn’t have a lot of pain. It was a memorable day. By the way, my three children were born less than an hour from my first contraction. Can you believe that?

Happy Birthday to my beautiful son. I love you!

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“100 Word Wednesday: Week 75”

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It has been three years since my youngest graduated from college. When I see a graduation picture it brings beautiful memories of my kids. As a parent, we spent time following our children and making sure they do their homework. We go to the schools and check their progress and grades. It’s years of waking up early and taking them to school on time and picking them up at the end of the day. Finally, it’s time for them to graduate. We plan an Open House Party to show family and friends our children made it and we made too.

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I’ve been working at the school for years and I’ve seen a lot of tantrum- bad behaviors in some of our children. I don’t want to blame anyone, but then this kind of behavior comes from their homes. Some of the parents expect the school to take care of their kid problems. The school feed them, babysit them, and deal with their disrespect. For some parents taking care of their kids it’s our job.

This new generation of parents is afraid of discipline their own children. They don’t like to be judged as a parent and they preferred someone else doing it for them. Of course, they want us to deal with them. Some parents like to make excuses. I know we’ve some parents with two jobs and they are tired, but then we’re talking about their job as a parent. It’s frightening to think this is our future generation the ones who will be taking care of us.
Nowadays bad behaviors and tantrums are called a disorder. They pump their kids with medications and supposedly to calm them down they leave them alone. In our school they’ve a separate room only for them. They sit with a laptop, play with toys, or they take a nap.

I’m going to clarify something here, not all the parents are acting like this. I know some’s who are doing an amazing job as a parent. They work hard and their kids are wonderful children.

When I was growing up they didn’t call bad tantrum or bad behaviors a disorder. The parents would take care of the situation and not the teachers. I remember we will get grounded it for weeks with no TV, no playing outside with our friends, no desserts, and we were sent to bed early.

Now it’s my children turn to raise their own. They don’t believe in awarding bad behaviors and they don’t make excuses. If my grandchildren don’t behave, they would be grounded and they’ll going to lose their privileges. No tantrums are allowed.

To parents, I know it’s tough to discipline these days, especially when some of you had two jobs and be a single parent. However, it’s time to be responsible and show who’s the parent and who’s the child. Don’t give them more that they need and no award bad behavior. A six-year-old don’t need a cell phone as a birthday gift or expenses tennis shoes. Don’t relay in the schools to take care of the discipline of your child. Be tough when its need it and show love to your child. Talk to them and give them attention possibly that’s all what they need.

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Just Jot It January 4, 2018- Passionate

I am passionate about collecting unicorns, owls, baby dolls, and postcards. Where I put them all around the house.

I am passionate about books. What kind of books? I read almost everything and my favorite genre mysteries.

I am passionate about music, especially the music from the 70’s and 80’s. Oh I forgot no heavy metal and songs with profanity or trashing others.

I am passionate about Hallmark movies and also cheesy movies like Sharkanado. Can you believe that? I love Shark week.

I am passionate about adult coloring books. I already have 15 and my favorite is “The Enchanted Forest” by Johanna Basford.

Last but not least, I am passionate about my grandkids. I can spend hours playing games, doing the girls hair, or going to Barnes and Nobles to get new books.

That’s all for today… for this #JusJoJan for 1/4/18 2018

Be careful

As children our mothers keep telling us to be careful they always want to protect us at all cost. As a mother myself and a grandmother that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m sure all the mothers of the world are doing the same.  We try to protect them from danger and mostly from any bad influences.

When my children were in school, I keep reminding them to be careful who they select as friends. I would tell them to pick the right people in their lives. They have some ugly ones, but after all they find the right ones at the right moment. I’m glad they still have the same friends from school.

No matter if my children are now adults I still remind them to be careful and to not trust everybody.










I begin writing this prompt early in the morning and when I was over the edge of frustration over my siblings. They’ve been partying all night posting pictures on their Facebook page and of course they’ve to tag my name. All week I’ve been asking them to help me with my dad and they always have many excuses.

I put aside the prompt and begin with the help of my hubby to cook the Easter dinner. My kiddos would be showing up and I’ve to put aside my anger. I pray to have a great day and I did. The grandkids got their Easter basket and I got laughter and happiness from the people I love the most. My dad was smiling with the kids and he loves the dinner. The act of love made this amazing and grateful day.

Yes I was over the edge this morning, however right now I’m calm and having a glass of wine to keep me that way.  And for my siblings, I’ll let their conscience take care of them.  

edgeedge 2








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If I Could Turn Back Time

This picture reminds me how grateful and bless we were.  We didn’t have money and I remember how hard was for my parents to raise six of us; however we have a happy childhood.

memories- 1977


If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

Story of my Life!

Of course I would read the book of my life and from cover to cover. I’ll like to check if the writer get’s the story right or at least close enough. Maybe it will turn into a motion picture starring Meryl Streep. For sure, before I sit to read I better have a box of tissue. Lately my memory isn’t as sharp as before and getting to read the story of my life would bring those memories back.  I would remember the way I was raised the love, sacrifices, and the hard work of my parents to raise six of us. As a child watching my mother’s health deteriorated was tough, however we did appreciate every little thing we have.

Should I want to read my horrible experiences? Depends on which one the author decides to write. Some of my bad experience as a child, I’ve never told not even my parents so those I’m sure would never make it into the book.

Another part of my story that would be touching and heart breaking would be my teenage years. I can’t forget the day I met my precious best friend Lucy. Everything we went through from partying, happy times, boyfriends, shameful mistakes, and tragedy. I lost her in a car accident in 1982 she was 23. She was going to be my maid of honor. I was devastated. My life has changed forever.  I married in 1983 I’ve my first two kids 84 & 86 and a few months later after my daughter’s birth I lost my mother. Again, I was devastated. Sadness, tears, and depression began to be part of me.

However, as I say before I would keep reading. I want to bring back the memories that for any reason my brain has blocked. The memories that made me the way I am.

What happen with the future me? Should I read that part too? I will in a heart bit. I’m curious to know what happen to me and what legacy I left to my love ones. It will be interesting to know which of my kids will miss me the most. Who will keep the memories and traditions alive?

I’m wondering if they would ban the book.

book of me

Daily Post: If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.