My granddaughters just ask me what are we doing today? It’s a Saturday and usually we go to the mall, do groceries, and eat out. I look at them sitting in my comfortable chair with my legs up and told them, we are staying home.

After been cleaning all morning and doing laundry, I just want to watch a movie or maybe finished watching “This is Us” or “The Americans”. I can’t decide which one. My husband wants to watch “Longmire”. I like that one, too.

I look at their faces and it was priceless. Possibly they’re thinking I’m lazy and bored. At this point the idea of going out it’s not in my plans.

Suddenly, they came down in their pajamas. They also want to stay home and they didn’t want to say anything. They thought they will hurt my feelings.

What a wonderful Saturday sitting in my chair, with my legs up, and the remote control. I better pour a glass of wine for the finishing touch.

Daily Post: Suddenly

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt January,19,2018~Darkness

The other night I was watching the movie Batman with Adam West. He’s my favorite Batman of all time. It’s fun watching the original movie. When I was watching it, I’ve noticed a difference between the old and the new movie.

Let’s begin with the city of Gotham. In the old movie the city is sunny, the citizens are walking calmly on the street, and including the villains are fun to watch. Meanwhile in the new version, including the TV show the city looks dark, citizens are afraid, and the villains are creepy.

In the old version, Bruce Wayne mansion and the bat cave are bright, spacious, and it looks cozy. In the new version, both places are dark and cold.

Also, the two Bruce Wayne characters are different. Both are fighting crime, but then one it’s fighting in a constructive way and be a mentor to Robin. Meanwhile, the other character is darker, he looks depressed, and always thinking of vengeance. The young Bruce on the TV show is definitely dark. He constantly looks depressed, sad, and angry as a result, he hit and fired Alfred.

No matter the darkness of the new version I do love my DC characters. It just an observation of how the modern version is different from the original TV show. And don’t let me start with Riverdale.

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