Coloring books

I’ve been obsessed with coloring books for adults ever since my grandkids gave me one for Christmas last year. I can spend hours coloring one page. I love the mix and match colors and it can take me a few hours to finish one page. I’m not kidding, last night I finished a page I started on Thursday night. My collections of coloring pens, markers, and pencils is growing too fast. Plus, I’ve a total of ten books. My next purchase will be the Harry Potter or Supernatural. I find coloring very entertaining, relaxing, and it makes me feel stressed free.

Yesterday when I was in Pinterest and found a few pins from other people coloring. I immediately noticed they look like a professional did it. The use of the colors was brilliant. I begin to compare the ones I’ve made and instead of feeling great for my work of art I felt the opposite. I thought I wasn’t talented enough and I should give my books away. I want my pages to look as beautiful like theirs.

I’ll never understand why I’m so hard on myself. The books supposed to be for fun, feel relaxed, and stressed free. A few minutes later I find the situation a little silly and I went back to my coloring books. My pages would not look like a Picasso, but they are mine. I’m working on a whale from my Ocean Lost coloring book and it’s going to be a pretty one.