What is missing?

Recently I have been having a tough time besides having writers block (can’t even come with a sentence). I’m feeling lonely, sad, and depressed. Yes I know life isn’t perfect and I can’t expect to be happy at all time. But I don’t want to have those feelings.

I have always been grateful for everything I have and some days I’m just feel fine.

I’m a catholic and a woman with an immense faith.  When I was younger, I used to sing in the choir, write the bulletin every week, and help the church to raise money.  I like reading the bible, listens to Christian music, and pray every day.  What is missing in my life?

I have been blessed with health, with a wonderful job, and the bills are getting paid. My husband has his dream job; I have a nice home where I raised my children and now my grandkids. I’m grateful for having my dad moved into my home and two of my siblings just moved closer to us. My kids are happy with their lives. My three grandkids make me smile and they are my life. Why I feel empty, disorganized. What is missing?

I wish all the negativity, the depression goes away. I want to be able to finish my draft, keep taking my online classes, and keep updating my posts. I’m trying to do my best and follow my doctor’s order; getting some rest, eat healthy, exercise, and take my medication.  I just have to believe that everything will be fine. That I will find what is missing and I will be blessed with happiness.


Never too old…

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about how I’m trying to accomplish another of my dreams. Then all of a sudden, this neighbor who just barely knows me just said, “I was too old to reach my dreams and if by 50 a person don’t complete their dreams, then it wasn’t meant to be”. Also he mentioned, “Dreams are for the young and future generation”. I was in shock and disappointed, I just turn 54. My neighbor maybe was in his 60.

When I started with my list of dreams and I was actually 13. Some of those dreams from my list have already come true. Like being married (31 years), have a wonderful family, a nice house, a car, a job that I loved; I have traveled and went to places that I never thought of being there. So, yes I have achieved some of them. I feel amazing, bless, and fantastic and to that guy with all the respect you deserve, I want to say,” Never is too old, to achieve your dreams.” So, what is wrong with that?

I’ve been working on finishing my book (my main dream) and I’ve a journal with more ideas and topics to start a few more. I can do this. I’m not done, I’m just starting. I want to do more traveling, have a new house with a beautiful garden, and I want to watch my kids and grandkids been successful. No wrong there.

What a shame that we have a few people who think that after a certain age, there is nothing else in life for them. What happen in their life that they become to be like that? Some people like to shatter other people’s dreams that definitely make me mad.

If our dreams don’t come true it’s not that we didn’t deserve it and it’s no one’s fault. Maybe we didn’t challenge ourselves enough or it wasn’t the right time. However, no one should be so negative and grumpy to say that is not worth it to have dreams.

We can have all the dreams we want and we can dream big. We need to believe that we can achieve anything in life. Never is too late to achieve our DREAMS.

I am grateful for achieving some of my dreams and thank you for letting me dreams for more.

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