Partner in Crime

Her name is Donna and she’s my best friend and like she always says “partner in crime”. I met Donna in 1999 when we both use to work at the grocery store. We were Deli Managers from a different store. Donna is friendly, lovely, and funny.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 Donna became my guardian angel. She would do anything for me and my family. Through the process of chemo, she would bring food and help me with my kids. She was there for me when I need a friend. Her positive attitude and her smile would take all the pain away.

Three years ago, she retired and moved to Fargo four hours from me. I don’t see her often however, we stay in touch. I missed her and I’ll visit her soon. I’m grateful to have Donna in my life, such a wonderful friend-partner in crime.

Daily Post: Partner

My own choices!

As a teenager, I follow my best friend’s footsteps. When we have admiration for a person we try to follow as close as we can. I always thought than being a follower it would give me the attention I want at that age. Lucy was a year older than me and every person who meets her seems to fell in love with her, including my family. Soon, we both realize we were following each other step for the same reason. After all, we became best friends and sisters. When she passed away a few years later I experienced emptiness and sadness and with her dead part of me was gone.

As I grew older, I got married and have my own family. Thinking what to write in this prompt I realize I’ve taken my own path. I’ve survived the pros and cons of life. I’ve learned no matter what I found at the end of the path it will make me stronger. However to follow the path I’ve to follow first the footsteps.

My friendship with Lucy was the tool that I need to be the leader in my life. With this say I’m grateful to make my own choices.

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Daily Prompt: Footsteps


My mom use to say, “A friend was a dollar in our pocket. When you have a few dollars everyone is your friend, as soon you are broke they’re gone”. My mom would remind me constantly that I didn’t need to have tons of friends to be happy.  An important friendship was the ones who care about you.  

Over the years I found good friends who are special in my heart. Sadly some are gone and I missed them very much and others move to other states. I still keep in touch with them by phone, Facebook, and e-mail.

So my mom was right and in my heart she would be my friend #1.




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