SoCS~ “Rope”

One of my favorite memories was playing jumping rope with my friends. Is one of my favorite games. I was great except when we had to jump faster. Every Saturday afternoon we would be outside playing until dinner time.  The memories of my childhood bring me joy.

These days are a little different. In my neighborhood, it’s rare to watch any kid playing outside. The children these days spend more time in their computer games or watching TV.

As soon our weather begins warming up, I’ll take my grandkids outside and play.  That will give them a break from the TV or computer games. I can’t jump rope anymore, however; the memories of all of us playing outside are precious.

SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill

Spring break!

Finally, I’m on spring break. I have no plans to visit the girls in Arizona at this time. I’m planning a trip for the summer and I need to save money.

Instead, I’m cleaning my closet, getting rid of clothes I don’t be using. I’m changing curtains and bedding with more spring colors. Changing the vases around the house for new flowers I got at Michaels. The feeling of spring is lifting my soul that’s for sure.

Even though it’s cold outside and there is no green grass yet the sun is coming out meaning soon it will be spring. This winter has been a long one with lots of snow and strong winds. It’s time for a transition from cold to warm weather. I need to get fresh air.

I’m feeling much better with the increase in the medication. I still have some days where the depression reminds me, I still have work to do. I need to be confident and get a counselor.                                                         

SoCS~ Happy Anniversary

Today it’s my wedding anniversary #39. In those 39 years, a few of them have been a challenge. Over the years besides we are always together; we have respected our space when one of us needs it.  Always together in sick or health, as a couple, we have our struggles since nothing is perfect.

God gave us three wonderful children and six grandchildren. We promise we will take care of each other until death does us apart.


Happy anniversary my love and to more years to come.


Way to go my love…

SoCS- hosted by Linda G. Hill