One-Liner Wednesday ~ Forgiveness

“Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve Peace”~ Unknown


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One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS~ “Nuts”

Halloween is over and I have a neighbor who it’s decorating for Christmas. I’m looking from my window and I noticed that last night we had a little snow on the ground. It looks and feels like the holiday spirit is here.

I told my husband to let’s start decorating for Christmas. He looks at me like are you nuts? Usually, I decorate the house after Thanksgiving, but with the feeling that time flies so fast, I will like to have the house all decorated. It makes me feel wonderful.

Maybe I’m nuts, however if I have it all done a little earlier, I can enjoy how pretty the house gets. I love sitting in the night in my chair and looking at the villages and the tree. Do you think this makes sense? Maybe not. However, the idea of how close we are from the holidays it’s making myself nuts. No doubt I love the holiday season.

SoCS~ “Nuts” hosted by Linda G. Hill.


SoCS ~ Dress as a witch

It’s that time of the year to dress up in your favorite costume and be create it. My grandkids are not exception they have been planning which character they want to be this year. My little princess who will be three in a few weeks decides for this year to be a witch.

On Friday all of our schools in our school district have a Halloween party. It’s a fundraiser and everyone from each school participates. There is a lot of food, games, dance, and prizes for the best costumes. My little one puts her witch costume and she has so much fun.

After all the fun she was tired and went to bed in her costume. She is excited and can wait for next week Halloween day when she will dress up again with her witch costume and trick or treat around our neighborhood.









SoCS~ “Dress” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.