One- Liner Wednesday- Just one

“One Rose says more than a dozen”. ~Wendy Craig~

my first rose blooming
my first rose blooming

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My garden

my garden 2014
I have been working outside in my garden also been waiting patiently for the flowers to bloom. Finally, they start to bloom and I’m lucky since I can enjoy it the beauty of the garden. One of my dreams is to have a huge garden with different kinds of flowers, shrubs, and small trees. However, with the summer being so short here in North Dakota this is all I can have for now. Maybe, one day I will move south or move back home in Puerto Rico, where I can have a garden full of roses, orchids, and amaryllis.

I have been getting complements from my neighbors. It just needs a few touches like some chairs, lights, and turn on the fountain. I took a few pictures, and I hoping this project will finish in a few days. I know is the middle of July and for some people I’m a little too late, but is not until now, that I can say the weather has been nice. I still have another month to enjoy it, before school starts on August 27th when I would be back to work.

For now, I’m grateful for having the chance to enjoy my garden. It’s time for a little reading in my new special place.
To everyone enjoy the week.


Where Is Spring?

Where is spring? As of march 20 springs is here. Where is it? It’s not until yesterday; we did have a chance to enjoy a nice warm weather. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 60s. I was happy to see the sun and not wearing my winter jacket. I took my morning to decorate my home for Easter and in the afternoon went outside and enjoy the day.

Today, chances of snow and temperatures lower on the 30s. Why? Where is spring?

One part of the spring that I enjoy is getting my garden ready. I do love it. I’m ready for my tulips and my lilies to bloom. Getting to plant my daisies (my favorites), different lilies -I want to plant reds and purple-I have lots of yellows. I can’t wait to plant my vegetable garden with cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. I can’t wait for my green grass to grow, watch the ladybugs, butterflies, squirrel running into my trees. I missed the noise outside, the children playing, the dogs barking, people walking with their dogs and the smell of the barbecues.

Where is spring? It someone knows where is it please sends it to North Dakota. It’s time for us to enjoy the warm season.