I’m excited I love Halloween, the kids coming for candy and their lovely costumes. I got up early to fill up my Cauldron with candies. Also, fixing my outdoor decorations because has been windy. I hope we have nice weather like the past two days. I have been enjoying horror movies and watching with my granddaughter “Vampirina”

To everyone who loves Halloween enjoy the day and have fun.  And like “Vampirina” loved to say “Have a spooktacular day and to all “batkins” have fun.



SoCS~ Inspire

Nothing inspires me the most it’s watching my neighbors decorating their homes for the holidays. This morning I begin to decorate for Halloween.  I didn’t realize the number of buckets full of Fall and Halloween décor I have.  What did I do?  I call my little granddaughter who loves Halloween to come and help me out with decorations. She was excited.

We decorated the outdoors and a little bit in the living room. The rest of the afternoon we play with the witch hat. A few plastic spiders make us scream. I have so much fun with my little princess that time went too fast. She keeps trying to scare me by throwing spiders and bats on my feet. I promised her I will finish decorating by the time she comes on Monday.

All I need to be inspired was to spend a fun day with my little princess.




SoCS~ Inspire


SoCS~ Bone

Halloween, it’s almost here and it’s the perfect time to watch spooky movies. A few television stations has horror movie marathons. I decide this weekend to watch “The Haunting of the Hill House” a 10-episode mini-series on Netflix. It’s a great series and it did chills my bones. After being spooked by this series I will like to read the book.

I love horror movies, especially if it’s a classic and the ones in black and whites are the best. I remember the first movie I watched. I was 12 and my parents were already sleeping. I sneak into the living room and watch “Black Sunday” a 1960 film. It was so good; however, I can’t sleep for weeks. My mother wasn’t too thrill, especially when I’ve nightmares.

I continue watching them telling my parents I was fined and old enough to watch those movies. After all it was easy to hide under my sheets and I did like to be spooked. I remember on Fridays they have a segment on TV beginning at 9pm called “Sinister Hour” and on Saturdays “The Horror Hour”. I didn’t miss a movie.

Some of my favorites:
1-Freaks (1932)
2-Frankenstein (1931 film is my favorite)
3-The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
4- Cat People (1942)
5-The Innocents (1961)
6- The House in Haunted Hill (1959)
7- Psycho (1960)
8- The Cursed of the Werewolf (1961)
9- Dracula: prince of Darkness (1966)
10- The Exorcist (1973- first film I watched at the movie theater)

Every time I watched them, they can chill my bones.

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SoCS~ Bone

Hello November!

What a weekend of fun we all have on this Halloween. It was an amazing day watching the kids in their costumes. The weather was decent, not too cold and not too windy. The creativity of some of the costumes amazes me every year by 10pm I ran out of candy.

October went quick, our day light time saving ends, meaning one extra hour of sleep. Halloween decoration would come out at the end of the day and turkey, corn, more pumpkins, and apples will be added to my fall décor.

November is the beginning of preparation for the holidays. Every November I would try a new recipe for our Thanksgiving dinner. My family loves the smell of the home cooking and they would sample the dishes.

November will be the beginning of my Christmas shopping. Yes, I love to start early since I want to take it easy when December arrives. I don’t like to wait for Black Friday or those call savings. I’ve watched how some people get upset and push other costumers just to grab a doll or a game. The spirit of the holidays is gone as soon Black Friday arrives.

November would always be the busiest month of the year ending with my Christmas decoration on the day after Thanksgiving.



Daily Post: Trio No. 3

 Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).


The night is dark and it’s cold. The sign of winter is around the corner. I’m looking at the houses from my neighborhood, all decorated for Halloween. The feeling of the holidays approaching it’s what I love the most.

I went back inside the house and I turn on the TV to watch Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin. During the commercials I have been craving for a delicious hot cocoa. I open my fridge and grab the milk just to notice how empty is starting to look. I felt upset just to think I must do grocery shopping that’s the job I hate so much.

I got my cocoa and I continue watching Charlie Brown. The cup of cocoa is steamy and hot. I just took a sip and burn my tongue. My eyes watered and filled with tears, but the joy of having the cocoa and watching Charlie Brown with the grandkids was priceless.

Masks Off- My costume

Daily Post: We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channeled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?


The last time I use a costume it was in sixth grade 1972 and I dress up as a Snow White. I didn’t want to wear it; I want to be a witch. My mom didn’t want me to look too evil; therefore she picks up the innocent princess.

I do love the season. I enjoy handing over the candies and looking which my favorite costumes are. As soon I see a witch I just fell in love with the costume and yes, I will wear it. No doubt.

The Wicked Witch will be always my favorite. Of course, as a fan of the TV show Once Upon a Time, the Queen Witch Regina is also another favorite.