One-Liner Wednesday~Different Paths

“Just Because My Path is different doesn’t Mean I’m Lost.”

It’s true. I’ve been telling them I’m fine, just trying new things, however they still think I need help. I’m talking about my siblings. Just because I don’t participate in their activities or drink with them, means I’m depressed. I suffer depression for a long time, but it doesn’t mean I’m depressed  all the time. At this moment I feel great, healthy-lost 22 pounds-,  and happy for spending time with my grandkids. To my siblings, I think it’s time to move on.


#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

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My heart detonates of happiness as soon I saw my granddaughters faces at the airport. I spend a day with my daughter before heading back home. The girls would hold my hands and they won’t let it go. Now we’re back home and ready to spend our fun summer with lots of love.


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One- Liner Wednesday-Christmas

family“The best gift around the Christmas Tree is the presence of Family wrapped in Love“.


It’s true because tomorrow I’ll be flying to Arizona to pick up my two granddaughters and bring them to North Dakota for Christmas. It’s a surprise for them. I’m already pack and ready to bring happiness to my home.

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Today’s prompt is the word “Pretend”. How many people pretends a life they don’t have? Yes, I was that person.

When I was in elementary school, I would tell my mother how wonderful day I have when the truth I’ve been bullied. I start pretending a happiness a didn’t exist.

As I grow older, pretending became part of me. I started being depressed as early as I can remember. To keep it to myself, I pretend to look happy. The depression got worse over the years, especially when I was pregnant with my younger son.

Finally, I decide it was time to find help and tell my family without being ashamed. I’ve met others who are suffering with depression and I don’t feel alone anymore.

I’m thankful for the support I’ve received from my family. I don’t need to pretend no more.