SoCS~ Happy Anniversary

Today it’s my wedding anniversary #39. In those 39 years, a few of them have been a challenge. Over the years besides we are always together; we have respected our space when one of us needs it.  Always together in sick or health, as a couple, we have our struggles since nothing is perfect.

God gave us three wonderful children and six grandchildren. We promise we will take care of each other until death does us apart.


Happy anniversary my love and to more years to come.


Way to go my love…

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Vivid memories

One of my vivid memories March 5, 1983, when my life changed forever and I married my best friend. I remember being nervous and thinking if I was making the right decision. I want the perfect marriage and I knew it won’t be easy.  I decorated my bedroom all white and I did my own makeup and hair. My mother and aunt help with my wedding dress, the veil, and the flower bouquet. Also, my mother’s tears when she saw me before I was leaving home. I’ve a beautiful ceremony and we party all night. Everyone can see the happiness on our faces. Another memory a family member on my husband’s side predicted we will not last a year. Well I proved them wrong. It has been 34th years and with ups and down we still together. For us spending our anniversary shopping, eating in a nice restaurant, and watching TV it’s all we want.



















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