#JusJoJan ~ Happy New Year!

#JusJoJan 2019 ~January 1 – Write about 2018, your plans for 2019, or anything you’d like

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends!

Looking back, I did have a tough year. My depression dominated mostly the entire year and at some point, it cripples in achieving what I desire.

In 2018, my in-laws visit for the summer, I went to South Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, my youngest son married in July, my daughter also married in Nov, I read and reviews more books than other years check my Goodreads challenge, I lost 20 pounds, I wrote almost every day, I began going to church- not every week but at least more frequent. So, what I’m missing? Why this mental illness wants to take over and ruins my life?

My husband asked me last night what I want on this New Year. I didn’t need to think too much. I want to be happy and this inside pain gone forever. How I make myself to be happy? I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband, three children, and four grandkids. I’m blessed for having my family and a job I love, and for everything I own. What I don’t understand it’s this feeling that I’m missing something, and I feel lonely.

My only resolution or goal for 2019 will be taking care of this depression. I can’t continue living like nothing it’s happening. I’m tired of appearing that I’m happy and hiding my depression from everyone. I will concentrate on taking care of myself, so I can enjoy my life with my love ones.

#JusJoJan 2019

Enjoy your holidays!

I’ll be taking a little break from blogging to enjoy the holiday season with my family. I’ll be back in January 2016. After finishing, decorating the house is time to do some shopping and some baking. I’m anxious for vacation time; just five more work days and the countdown begin.

I’ll keep reading my favorite blogs; however I will not have the time to post.  I feel my family and close friends deserved my full attention.


To my readers have a wonderful Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your family time and I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2016! Wishing everyone happiness, health, success, and peace.

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My New Resolution for 2014!

After a wonderful Christmas, it’s time to relax, eat leftovers, and enjoying the gifts we got from Santa and our families.  I got from my husband a Kindle Fire HDX so it’s time to play with my Kindle and downloads my books.

The kids are happy they got what they want and the little ones  they’re playing with their toys. So for now, I will relax and I don’t want to hear any mention of any retail store with their discounts.  I don’t care and they already have enough from me.

In a few days, we will be saying goodbye to 2013 and welcomed in 2014. I will be cooking just for my kids, hubby, and grandkids. My older kids will go to their party and I will be watching the Time Square Ball with my hubby and grandkids. Part of the tradition is having grapes so we can have our twelve wishes and of course our traditional kiss.

In addition I will try to make a new resolution for the New Year that in some cases I will forget a few days later. That’s one of the reasons I will not be making the losing weight resolution.

This time my resolution will be very simple:

1-Have more gratitude for all the little things I take for granted.

2-Be thankful for all the blessings I’m been receiving.

3-Have more compassion for the people I know and I don’t know.

4-Keep loving my wonderful husband of 30 years.

5-Take time to myself at least once a week and relax.

6-Been thankful for the love of my beautiful family.

7-Be more patience at work and ignore the ones who drive me crazy.

8-Keep loving my dog who gives me unconditional love.

9-Keep writing, writing, and writing!

10- Keep doing what I love to do.