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Nothing inspires me the most it’s watching my neighbors decorating their homes for the holidays. This morning I begin to decorate for Halloween.  I didn’t realize the number of buckets full of Fall and Halloween décor I have.  What did I do?  I call my little granddaughter who loves Halloween to come and help me out with decorations. She was excited.

We decorated the outdoors and a little bit in the living room. The rest of the afternoon we play with the witch hat. A few plastic spiders make us scream. I have so much fun with my little princess that time went too fast. She keeps trying to scare me by throwing spiders and bats on my feet. I promised her I will finish decorating by the time she comes on Monday.

All I need to be inspired was to spend a fun day with my little princess.




SoCS~ Inspire



The day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas we have plans to go the mall to take advantage of all the good deals. You know from 50-70% off the entire store, it can’t be missed. However, mother nature has more in store for the entire state of North Dakota. We got a Christmas winter storm and everything is closed.  No travel advised and if you get stuck in the snow you will get a ticket of $250. I’m glad they decide to make it an official. We have residents who doesn’t understand the risk of going out they not only they put their life’s in danger also others.

For today we will watch a couple of movies, of course when the girls wake up its 11:50am and still sleeping.  I also got for Christmas a new book so I’m ready for that, too. To everyone who is reading this post enjoy the day after Christmas because I will.  Also to my neighbors who are complaining about being inside just stop complaining you guys needs to move to Florida.

under the pile of snow it's my car
under the pile of snow it’s my car
back door
back door

Storm again

Another winter storm here we go again.  I wake up early this morning, turn on the TV checking the local news if we have any school.  No cancelation in our district at all. I began to get ready for work and I can hear the wind blowing. I saw my car covered completely in snow again, the winds were 35 MPH and it was feeling like -15.  My husband drove me in his 4×4 truck. The road condition was bad a 3 minutes’ ride turn into some 15 minutes. We made it and walking to the school door was a challenge.

I’m the second person who gets to the school, the custodian is the first one to arrive and usually he’s on the other side of the building.  This morning was no signs of him, not even his storeroom was open. I thought he may be outside trying to shovel the door areas. I clock in 5 minutes earlier at 5:55am, turn the oven on, and turn on the computer to check my school email. The first message was from the school district “NO SCHOOL” on Tuesday, December 6th. Really, you send a message at 6:20am when I work at 6:00am. Do you know how many people start before 6:20am? I was upset, what a way to start my day. I’ve to call my husband and 15 minutes later we were back on the road. They were getting worse and the winds were making impossible the visibility.

We made it and I’m home safe with a cup of coffee in my hand.  My husband has to work, he fixed small engines and since last week he has been fixing 8-10 snow blowers daily. For the rest of my day, I would put up my Christmas tree, make some soup, lot of napping in between chores, and I hope this storm goes away. An update on the custodian, his vehicle was stuck on the road and he went back to his home.





Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’m truly blessed to be able to spend time with the people I love the most. My lovely sons came for dinner with their families and we enjoy the day eating and watching football. I’ve the chance to chat with my girls who are spending their first Thanksgiving in Arizona.

I’m grateful for having so many people who have given me the strength to be in the place I am today and to appreciate what I have. For the past year, I’ve been blessed to meet people who with the smallest gestures they have touched my heart and make me a better person.

I’m grateful for having my kids that I adore, a loving husband, good health, for our two dogs, to be here tonight with my feet up resting and watching a movie.

Tomorrow is time to start decorating for Christmas my favorite holiday. Let’s the countdown begin because on December 23rd my granddaughters would be home for Christmas.





I am Lucky! Yes, I am!

I wake up this morning at 10am after a long day yesterday also with no intention of going shopping on Black Friday. The first person I encounter at my home it was my two granddaughters Jo & Audri who were coming out of the bathroom. They both smile with a Good Morning, grandma. We have breakfast and by noon we went to the Charles Dickens Festival 45 min from our home. We spend a few hours in Garrison walking the streets all decorated. My granddaughters immediately comment we look like we were in the movie Christmas Carol. We saw Scrooge walking the streets. Everyone dressed up in costumes, kiosk selling Gluwein, and activities for all ages.

By 5pm we came back home and went to our town Christmas tree lighting. All the businesses were open with lots of discounts. The stores and streets all decorated and you can hear the Christmas music. We visit the toy shop and the girls have a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. My granddaughters have fun and we ended with a cup of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. Yum!

I am blessed for my grandkids and hubby who made my day! I am the luckiest person. Yes, I am!


Charles Dickens festival


Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.


Hello November!

What a weekend of fun we all have on this Halloween. It was an amazing day watching the kids in their costumes. The weather was decent, not too cold and not too windy. The creativity of some of the costumes amazes me every year by 10pm I ran out of candy.

October went quick, our day light time saving ends, meaning one extra hour of sleep. Halloween decoration would come out at the end of the day and turkey, corn, more pumpkins, and apples will be added to my fall décor.

November is the beginning of preparation for the holidays. Every November I would try a new recipe for our Thanksgiving dinner. My family loves the smell of the home cooking and they would sample the dishes.

November will be the beginning of my Christmas shopping. Yes, I love to start early since I want to take it easy when December arrives. I don’t like to wait for Black Friday or those call savings. I’ve watched how some people get upset and push other costumers just to grab a doll or a game. The spirit of the holidays is gone as soon Black Friday arrives.

November would always be the busiest month of the year ending with my Christmas decoration on the day after Thanksgiving.



Secret Santa

You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?

In my case this is a no-brainer.  My secret Santa will be for my husband. I have an unselfish, loving husband who cares about his family and his friends. When I was diagnosed with cancer, he comforts me during the entire process. He’s a wonderful father and a grandfather who will do anything for them. I always tell him, he has a soft heart.

There several days he can drive me crazy, however in my heart, I realized the type of person he is and that’s one of the reasons he will be my secret Santa.

Cookies already done!

Today I began to make cookies with my grandkids. In the process I got a messy kitchen, however we have lots of fun.  We made four different sorts of cookies, monster cookies, chocolate chip, sugar, and mint chocolate. My little helpers got tired also they ate too much.

Let’s see if I can prepare another batch of cookies tomorrow, since my husband wants oatmeal cookies. Meanwhile, I will be wrapping the presents and getting my husband’s gift.

After a long day, the grandkids went to bed early. I’m having a cup of coffee and finishing a Christmas movie so I can go to bed. Oh yeah, I need coffee to go to bed. It’s weird, but I’m use to this.

As we get closer to Christmas I found that I have more to do, although I can wait to be done. I just want to relax, of course until Christmas Eve when I will receive the company of my family.


I think, I’m ready!

photo 3photo

What a week. I can’t believe how busy I have been. I’m getting ready for the holidays. My house is all the decorated. Every room and corner of the house has been decorated and ready for the holiday. Today, I just finished my youngest son’s room. He will be back from college in a few days. I can’t wait to see his face. It looks festive. I just put a small blue tree in front of his window, a pair of nutcrackers on his desk, a bowl of candy, and a cute snowman on top of his TV. He’s so spoiled.

Yesterday, I did some of the groceries for the party, and the menu has been selected. I always have two activities one on Christmas Eve with the entire family and the second on Christmas Day with the kids and grandkids. My shopping is almost done, only one gift left, my husband.  Then, the hard part is wrapping all of them- that’s a challenge.

I feel the happiness of the season, but at the same time a little stress out.  Usually, the holidays cause all this mix emotions. The memories of my childhood always present, especially my mother. This is the time that I missed her the most.

I have one more week of work before my Christmas vacation will start. The school has a two week of vacation, so I better rest and enjoy the time.

I’m getting ready for bed; tomorrow will be the start of the countdown for our vacation. We will start the week with a potluck, then on the Tuesday exchange of gifts, and the rest of the week with candies and lots of sweetness. It’s fun and that’s one of the reasons I love my job.

I want to hear from my readers. How everyone is doing at this time of the year?  Are you ready for the holidays? Because I think I’m ready.

See you soon.

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