One Liner Wednesday & JusJoJanuary 25th- Forgiveness

Forgiveness is giving yourself the gift of Peace! – Anonymous


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JusJoJanuary the 15th, 2023-Gratitude


I keep a daily gratitude list in my journal. I’m grateful for my health, my family, my work, etc.

However, for this weekend I’m grateful for having my two-year-old grandson spending the weekend with us. It was a three-day full of fun and watching Coco Melon.

My son just picked him up a few minutes ago. I’m grateful for all the hugs and kisses I received this weekend.

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SoCS- Once Upon a Time

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 14th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “once upon a time.” Start your post with “Once upon a time,” then write whatever comes to you, whether it be fact or fiction. Have fun!

Once upon a time, they were a girl named Cassie who thought she had magic powers.  She would talk about a place far far away. According to Cassie she would her magic to save her cat and to travel in time.  She would go back in time to change what she thought it needs to be fixed. She felt proud of changing events when no one else would notice anything.  The people who knew her were concerned and they all said she was crazy.  

 Her family adores her. They didn’t mind she had an imagination, but they were afraid of what other people would do to her. One day they started noticing changes around their house. Then stranger things start to happen around Cassie. They began to question what was going on. Until that Saturday morning…

SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill

JusJoJanuary 2, 2023! “Constellation”

Growing up I was fascinated by the stars. Lying on the balcony looking at the sky. However, I never got to identify the constellations, for me I did not see the form or shape as others did.  I was terrible at that. My younger sister would see the big dipper, the bear, and the planets and there I was staring at the sky with no clue. I still look at the sky with no clue. I am a Gemini, and I would like to see the constellation of the twins.

Thank God for books I can read about it and read my horoscope. No matter if I look at the sky and have no clue.


Written as part of Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot Jan and submitted by Willow check out her blog.

SoCS~ Great year!

Today ‘s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “new/knew.’” Use one, use both, use them any way you like. Bonus points if you use both. Enjoy!

As I reflect on what I have accomplished during 2022 and the more I think about it, I have done very well.

If I knew that all it took was to make a few changes and stay focused on my goals. One of the many changes I made was to unplug social media, eliminated toxic friends, and take a break from blogging. I was pushing myself too hard to write, I did not feel inspired, and I felt overwhelmed.

I did a few vacation trips including a trip to Puerto Rico. I have knee replacement surgery in June and thank the surgery I must exercise, and I am doing very well. I have lost 20 pounds, I finished my reading challenge, start to listen to podcasts, and become more spiritual.

For the New Year 2023, I want to keep a balance between myself, work, and family. I want to get back to blogging at least twice a week. Keep any type of exercise and keep reading and journaling. I am planning a few trips to Arizona and one to New York. And a 40th wedding anniversary trip is still in the plans.

For 2023, I am thinking “big”. I am confident that this is my year to shine in all aspects.


SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill