One- Liner Wednesday~Warning

Warning: CHOCOLATE makes your clthes shrink.

One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

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SoCS~ “Flyer/ad”

Do you know how many flyers and ads for the holiday I have received? Too many. Since the week of Halloween, the flyers have been arriving in the mail almost every day including catalogs.

Every year I want to start shopping early, so I can enjoy the holidays. But it doesn’t work as I plan there always something that pops up. For example, today my plans were to go to the shopping mall and get some candles and soap from one of my favorite stores Bath & Body Works. I got an ad with a coupon for 20% off so this is a good deal, however my plans change when I have to babysit my granddaughter. Now it will be tomorrow because as soon I start shopping, I can relax later on.





















SoCS~ is hosted by Linda G. Hill.


Last night’s dream

I’ve been sick since yesterday and sleeping all day. I decide to write about a dream I had last night. The majority of my dreams are kind of strange and this is one of them.

In my dream, my best friend Lucy who passed away in 1982 at the age of 23 came to visit. She hugs me and I ask her why she’s so cold. She laughs at me, keeps touching my hands, and says boo. When we were younger Lucy always tries to scare me. She keeps talking and laughing. I saw in her hands a box. It was a gift for me. When I opened it, I see a puppy with a beautiful diamond collar and the ears were blue. Lucy looks excited about the puppy, but not me. I said to her why you are giving me this the puppy? Lucy looks confused and says, stop being silly, this puppy is very special and I choose you to take care of him. And look at that beautiful collar don’t you get it. No, I don’t get it. She keeps talking and talking meanwhile I’m holding the puppy. I touch the puppy’s ears and the color blue turn to green. Lucy gave me another hug and this time she says, please take care of the puppy and stop complicating your life. I look at her with tears in my eyes. Then she was gone. I didn’t have a chance to tell her how much I missed her.

I wake up with a high temperature and tears coming down. That’s my last night’s dream. It always happens when I dream about Lucy, she always brings me a strange gift.

I always remember her and I missed her very much. Lucy was special to me. Besides she was my best friend, we were like sisters. After she passed away, I have never had another friend like her.

SoCS~ “Dream” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.