A sad day

I went to work this morning to find an email from the school principal address to all the staff. An email containing the sad news our beloved custodian passed away the night before in his sleep. I was in shock, my body starts to shake, and I began crying. For a moment I thought it could be a mistake and that I would see him in one of the classrooms. Thoughts and questions began to circulate in my brain. How this happens and why him.

As soon the teachers start to come to work I noticed the tears and the sadness. Then more info came later on, he has a massive heart attack in his sleep. The hard part was the teachers explaining the sad news to the kids. I saw tears and sad faces.

He would be missed by everyone who knew him.  I’m already missing his smile and the way he made our days go smoothly.

Losing a beloved friend who still young it makes me realize we can lose a love one anytime.  I’m heartbroken and what a lesson to learn. We need to take care of the people we love. We need to make sure we tell them how much we love them and how important they are in our life’s.

To my beloved friend I will miss your smile and the respect you have for every single person in that building including the kiddos. I read in some place that we learn something good or bad from every person we meet in our lives. From you it has been all amazing things.  I’ve learn to be happy, be positive, and to care about others.

Good bye my dear friend.




I’m not sure exactly when I begin to think about death or immortality. I do remember when I was eight the death of a neighbor. She commits suicide and the neighbors talking about her and feeling sorry for her children. I was afraid and my mom will explain how sometimes people do stupid things without thinking. Two years later they were a horrible crime in my own neighborhood. A six year old boy was kidnapped and for day’s people was searching for him. A few weeks later they found him tied to a tree and he was dead. His own neighbor kills him since he wants to steal his bike and the little boy didn’t let him.

Since I was young I learn that everyone died and no one is immortal. Also at a young age, I begin to be terrified about losing a love one.


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