SoCS~ Happy Anniversary

Today it’s my wedding anniversary #39. In those 39 years, a few of them have been a challenge. Over the years besides we are always together; we have respected our space when one of us needs it.  Always together in sick or health, as a couple, we have our struggles since nothing is perfect.

God gave us three wonderful children and six grandchildren. We promise we will take care of each other until death does us apart.


Happy anniversary my love and to more years to come.


Way to go my love…

SoCS- hosted by Linda G. Hill




Today, it’s my 35th Wedding Anniversary. My husband surprises me with flowers and my favorite dessert lemon cream pie. We have plans to go out for dinner, however been a typical day in North Dakota we have to cancel. We are getting hit with a severe snowstorm and we already have 6 inches of snow with more to come.

They’re announcing for tomorrow a two-hour delayed for the schools with a chance of cancelling. The snowstorm is going to last at least until tomorrow afternoon. We are expecting at least 8-10 inches if it stays snowing. My husband tries to clean our driveway a couple of times, but the wind and the snow its not helping at all.

In the meantime, I cook his favorite dinner, have a glass of wine, and enjoy my lemon cream pie as a dessert. It’s time to be on my couch, relax, and watch TV next to my husband.

Happy Anniversary to us and I hope we can celebrate it on the weekend.


Daily Post: Typical

Secret Admirer

I came home tired from work as I begin getting closer to the porch there in the same spot another beautiful bouquet of red roses. I took it and like the others there was no card attached. In my heart, I knew who he was. For a while I’ve been getting flowers every week from a secret admirer. I wish he decides to come forward and not be afraid. I should confront him, but what happens if I’m wrong.

Then I wake up from this dream of mine. Yes, it was just a dream. It makes me feel I’m coming out of a romance movie with a little twist at the end. Okay, I’ve to admit I’m not a movie star and “Dr. McDreamy” didn’t leave the bouquet of flowers. I wish.

mis flores


Now this bouquet of flowers I’ve received from the man I married 32 years ago. It was my birthday and he knows how much I love flowers. He isn’t Dr. McDreamy, however he shows me the love and the care he feels for me.

Thank you my love for the flowers.


Daily Post: You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?



My 7 Magic Words!

Success, who wasn’t want to be successful? We want to accomplish our dreams and feel complete at the top of the world.

Forgiveness, this one is important. We all make mistakes and once a while, we can hurt someone’s feelings. Asking for forgiveness and forgive from the bottom of our heart it makes us a better person.

Love, without love we will not feel compassion. We will act like robots with no feeling and emotions. We need to care not only for us, but for others. This will bring the peace we all need.

Relax; we need to take a “me time”. We need to take time to recharge our energy, to clear up our minds. I take my “me time” reading, watching a good movie, writing, or just resting taking a nap.

Happiness, this can be when we achieved our dreams, having our family close, a good health, reading an amazing book, having the perfect job. It can be anything that makes you happy and your life easier.

Thank you, one of the perfect words. This one will let you appreciate what others are done for you and what God or the Universe has given to us.

Pray, this goes together with the word pray. The appreciation and the gratitude for what we have received.




Seven Wonders

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

Thanks for the great idea, Mati!







First crush!

Reading this prompt would bring the memory of my first crush. I’ve a few crushes when I was young from TV stars to a few boys in school. My first crush was a boy I met in seventh grade his name is Juan. He’s tall, blue eyes, a beautiful smile, and his voice was deep and romantic. When I saw him for the first time I was in love. All the girls were in love with him too. I saw him with a few girls so I was surprised when I received a note from him saying he wants to talk to me. I was excited and for the first time I felt pretty. We talk and I still remember when he told me I have pretty eyes. He asks if I want to be his girlfriend. Imagine my surprise I can even talk and of course I respond with a yes. That was a Friday afternoon. I went home excited and my mom was happy for me. I want the weekend to go fast. I can’t sleep, eat, or study my mind was around Juan.

Finally Monday came and he was waiting for me. He was cute and his smile melts my heart. He grabs my hand and we walk together. I can’t believe I was his girlfriend and I felt the jealousy of the other girls. I don’t want to get into detail by the end of the day my heart was broken. I felt stupid and embarrassed my cute relationship last only for a day. I cry until my eyes were dry off.

After this experience, I promise myself I would not have a boyfriend in school. Never, ever, ever. My second boyfriend came a few years later I was 15 and he was a neighbor but that’s another story. In the meantime, one day I was watching TV and I saw this gorgeous young man. Oh my I want to marry him. Who doesn’t? Who remembers David Cassidy?



Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?

Thanks for suggesting this prompt, Bailey T.!

A Proud Grandma!

My granddaughter enters a book competition at her school.  They have 106 contestants from different grades and they choose five. She’s in fourth grade. The last day of school they have an assembly and they announce the five winners. She was excited and I can see how nervous she was. Finally they call her name and she was running to get to the front. She’s happy that her story has been printed and a copy of the book will be in the school library. She works hard to write her story, however she found that doing her own drawings was tougher.

My little author is working on her second story. She’s getting ready for the fall competition.

I’m a proud grandma.

Jovanna book
The book printed by the school…
Jovanna excited to win the competition

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…

Daily Post:  …for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.



This is a tough decision since two of my siblings are living in Puerto Rico. I hope I’ve time to reunite everybody here in my home.
The dinner table will be set up for my entire family hoping they all can make it. We will have a potluck, each one bringing their favorite dish and drink.
We will remember the old times, looking at the photo album. The music will be on. We love music and karaoke will be the main event.
It will be a day with love, laughter, and tears.
….and if tomorrow we all die? We will be a happy family.