Bedtime Stories

In my house we couldn’t afford to buy books. Our school library didn’t let you check out any books until you were in fifth grade. My mom couldn’t read well she was blind in one eye also she didn’t go to school so every night we all went to her room and listen to her made up stories.

We didn’t need to have books her stories that include princesses, animals, mystery, and even stories about her as a child were fascinating. She was creative and talented to tell her stories that she may have been a writer, but she never dared to write anything.

It’s until I went to the High School, which interested me to read a novel called “Maria” by Jorge Isaac. I immediately fell in love with the book and its characters. I’ve a copy on my bookshelf.

The love I feel for reading I owe to my mother who every night with her stories took us to a world of fantasy.



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