Happy Birthday!

This sweet boy is turning 15. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. Last night we went to celebrate his birthday at a restaurant and as I watch him looking at the menu all these memories of this little boy came in a flash.

Time is flying. As I get older this summer, I turn 62 I come to realize Where am I at this point in my life? Besides thinking of retirement next year. I know I have plenty of ideas I would like to do.

I feel my life has been a blessing with ups and downs. I have a job that I loved, a home, 38 years of marriage with a lovely husband, and my children and grandchildren. What else do I want? Hm… I still think of that little boy holding on to my knees, wanting to be picked up. I don’t want to feel I’m running out of time. Do I?

For now, happy birthday to my grandson. He deserves the best of the best.  This boy has a caring heart. He cares about everyone in his life. We are important to him. He’s loving, compassionate, and incredibly smart. He’s a blessing in our life.



Remembering 9/11

Remembering the 9/11 tragedy reminds me, of the following days when everyone felt united as a nation. You will see American flags and people comforting strangers. Be become one nation under GOD.

Listening to the names of all the victims and seeing their pictures was heartbreaking.  It has been twenty years since we as a nation, suffer this awful tragedy. There was no race, age, religion or politics when those planes hit the grounds. We lost so many innocent lives. I still remember myself crying and praying for those families. It felt like I have lost a family member.

Where we are now?  What happened to all the love and the caring we all suffer on 9/11/01? Where are it?  When I was watching the commemoration of the twenty years all those memories came back like it was yesterday. Those families still grieving their loved ones.

Meanwhile, the Internet has been filled with Karen’s and Kens screaming and treating people like garbage.  Videos about racism and shameless actions have been dominating the internet. Where is the kindness and love from those patriots Karen and Ken?

We don’t another 9/11 to be united. Don’t use politics or religion to make excuses to criticize and denigrated our neighbors. Stop making excuses, no one should be treated shamelessly.

I’m tired of the internet posting all those videos of Karen’s and Kens who are a disgraced to this world. With this behavior, we are teaching the new generation to be unkind to others.  Let’s change the bad behavior and be a better person. Let’s teach the new generations so they can have a better future.

SoCS~ Old/New

I’m doing my fall cleaning. I can’t believe how much stuff I have accumulated during all these years. A lot of old clothes, towels, and sheets. The hard part is getting rid of my kids’ stuff. I know I don’t need to keep every single art project or notebooks. Their bedroom closet is full of school papers, old toys, and clothes. It’s time to start downsizing. I talk to the three of them and they can pick up whatever they want to keep and the rest has to go. As my husband and I get older we want fewer things to clean.  Besides I’m getting lazy with age and less cleaning it will be better. Also, I will love to buy a few new things that I will like to have before I retired. I will love to buy a new mattress and a new couch.

For now, I got three boxes for donations and two bags in the garbage. The cleaning it’s not over but at least I’m seeing some progress.

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SoCS~ Letter

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “letter.” Use it in your post or theme your post on any meaning of the word “letter.” Enjoy!

Dear Mom;
I missed you. I want to tell you how much my life has changed since the day you went to heaven. At times I would like to have a time machine and go back to be with you. I will give you a hug, a kiss, and sit next to you with my head in your lap. I remember our conversations or the stories with a twist you like to tell. You didn’t have the chance to meet your grandchildren and one looks like you. I know how much you want to be a grandmother and spoiled them.
I know in my heart dad is with you. After 32 years you both are reunited. Mom, tell dad I miss him every day. Since he passed I can’t stop crying. He can tell you cute stories about your grandkids and keep watching us from heaven.
To both of you, thank you for giving me life and to make me the woman I am today.

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#JusJoJan Daily Prompt January 9, 2018~Coffee

I’m a coffee drinker. I love coffee since my mother gave me my first sip from her cup. My father also was a coffee lover. If I let him, he would drink coffee all day. That’s one of the things I missed from my dad. I will come from work and he will be waiting to have coffee together. He will ask about my day and we will talk about the movie he was watching or his favorite Spanish soap. Nowadays when I come home it feels empty. My dad is not waiting to have coffee and to share my day. I just sit by myself with my cup of coffee waiting for my grandkids from school. My husband would come from work close to dinner time. When I’m having my coffee, it brings memories of my parents. It makes me feel relax and calm.


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#JusJoJan Daily Prompt Day 5-Memories

A memory I will never forget. This picture was taken on July 2008. I was taken chemotherapy and during treatment I didn’t allow any photo. I can’t believe I let my husband convince me to do it.





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My mother introduces me to the world of perfume. I remember using her perfume and she would remind me not to wear too much. She uses to sell Avon and when I turned 13 she surprises me with Sweet Honesty. The smell was perfect for my age. Yes, it was a cheap perfume, however I didn’t care and I loved it. By the way I still do and I just bought recently a bottle. When I began working I did try others. Who remembers Charlie and Ciara? I wear them during my teenage years. Writing about perfumes that I use to wear it brings the good memories.  


Sweet Honesty
Sweet Honesty