My dad has rotator cuff in his right shoulder and he always is in pain. However, the last couples of days the pain has been awful. I hate seeing him in pain and I feel helpless. I get depressed watching him feeling miserable. I call the doctor and he came a few hours ago. He gave him an injection of cortisone. The injection would cause him a temporary relief and it would last for a few months. At least I know he would sleep and feel better. After he went to bed, I went for my walk and now we can all have a good sleep.   


Daily Post: Temporary


Big Mistake

Pain, pain, pain! I would rate my pain level from 1 to 10 a sharp 8 ½. Maybe that’s not so bad.

Every Monday we get a truck delivery with the school food supply. My school kitchen is called a satellite kitchen where we cook and delivery for a total of six elementary schools therefore we get a lot of product.  I’ve helped from one of my cooks and she’s awesome. We both work pretty well and we helped each other with the lifting so no one gets hurt.

Yesterday I was in a hurry trying to finish, one of the ladies call in sick meaning adding more work to my schedule. So instead of doing the lifting together like we always do, I did a poor decision, I went to put away 12cs of Golden Apples by the time I reach the third case, I knew something went wrong and instead of stopping I kept putting them away. When I try to start to lift the bananas my hips was on fire. The pain was horrible. What a big mistake I’ve made and now I’m paying the consequences.

I’ve been taking ibuprofen and putting some icy-hot patch, however it’s not working.  If tomorrow I still in pain, I made go to see the chiropractor. Pain, pain, pain!