Just Jot It January 4, 2018- Passionate

I am passionate about collecting unicorns, owls, baby dolls, and postcards. Where I put them all around the house.

I am passionate about books. What kind of books? I read almost everything and my favorite genre mysteries.

I am passionate about music, especially the music from the 70’s and 80’s. Oh I forgot no heavy metal and songs with profanity or trashing others.

I am passionate about Hallmark movies and also cheesy movies like Sharkanado. Can you believe that? I love Shark week.

I am passionate about adult coloring books. I already have 15 and my favorite is “The Enchanted Forest” by Johanna Basford.

Last but not least, I am passionate about my grandkids. I can spend hours playing games, doing the girls hair, or going to Barnes and Nobles to get new books.

That’s all for today… for this #JusJoJan for 1/4/18 2018


I’m passionate about many things like reading, cooking, and music, however I’ve days I don’t want to do nothing at all. Last week I’ve begun to plan for the baby shower and clean the house for the party and decorating for Halloween. All that passion and energy was a week ago. During the weekend I began to feel a little depressed, and when I’ve those feelings I get lazy, frustrated and feeling lonely.

Until I start to feel great again, I would take time to relax, read a little bit, play with the dogs, and watch some TV. Just now I turn on the computer to answer a few emails, read some bloggers, and write this prompt. I hope this week I would get better and be on track again. I need to make invitations, plan a few games, and buy a few things for the baby.

Tomorrow is a New Day and I will feel amazing again.