One-Liner Wednesday~Positive Vibes

“Surround Yourself Only With People Who Are Going To Take You Higher.” ~Oprah Winfrey


In response of One-Liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill



Thinking Big

“Because every journey begins with a desire to go somewhere and do something”.


In response of One-Liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill.


Embrace the Day!

“The only person you are destined to Become is the person You Decide to be.”

——Ralph Waldo Emerson- American Poet

In response to One- Liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill


Be careful

As children our mothers keep telling us to be careful they always want to protect us at all cost. As a mother myself and a grandmother that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m sure all the mothers of the world are doing the same.  We try to protect them from danger and mostly from any bad influences.

When my children were in school, I keep reminding them to be careful who they select as friends. I would tell them to pick the right people in their lives. They have some ugly ones, but after all they find the right ones at the right moment. I’m glad they still have the same friends from school.

No matter if my children are now adults I still remind them to be careful and to not trust everybody.









Feeling better

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be Yourself”.

                                                     ~Coco Chanel


One-Liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill

Countdown to Arizona

Two more days and I’m taking my two granddaughters back with their mommy in Arizona. My daughter decides to move to Arizona in February with the intention of starting a new life after her divorce. She obtains a transfer from her job also starting this fall in Paul Mitchell beauty school. She made the decision to leave the girls with us until school was done and have a chance to find a place to live. School in Arizona starts on August 1st and they are not too happy.

My feelings are all over the place and as a grandmother that’s a fact. At times, I feel happy and exciting for them because they will be together. Then the sadness would begin making me over thinks how far they’re moving and to lose the company and hugs from my beautiful granddaughters.

They are feeling sad, too. They don’t like the idea of leaving family and friends and to start all over again. After all when I see their faces and the emotion of being with mommy will bring a huge smile. When I’m back we will be on the phone daily sending text messages with lots of Emojis.