Daily Post: Image Search

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.
As you can see, it wasn’t random. I choose the word Nova 1972. I’m obsessed with this car and I will tell you why.

This was my first car. I learn how to drive in a car similar to the one in the photo. At 16, I obtain my permit and my dad surprises me with a dark blue car a Nova 1972. It requires some repairs like the passenger door will not open. I did fall in love with the car. Immediately, I begin to take lessons. I was getting ready to go to college in the fall so I need to have my license. My college was an hour away from home.

A few weeks before getting my license my dad took away my car. He didn’t give me an explanation. He was using the car to go to work and he need it also he mention that he will help out to buy a better car. Oh yeah, poor dad that will never happen. I have to stay in the dorms, since I didn’t have any transportation.

A few months later, I came back home for a weekend and I found out my dad give my car to my brother who just got his permit. My car went to my brother. He loves that car and he would drive it for a few years. After I was crushed and with no explanation from my dad, I did move on and I forget him for giving my car to my brother.

One day, I will love to drive my own Nova 1972. Who knows? Dreams can come true.



Making some changes…

I just started blogging 101 and one of the assignments was if we didn’t like our title or the tagline to change it. One of the students just mentions to me that my title didn’t do any justice to my blog. She is right, for a long time I’m trying to figure out how to re-name my blog. For the past week, I have been thinking and brainstorming ideas for a new name. Finally, I decided to create a title with just a few words that have a meaning in my life and also switch the tagline with the same purpose.

From the previous name “My Dreams, my Wish, and my Gratitude…” I went with a simple name “Life…Love…Tears…Purpose…” just four words with a thoughtful meaning to me.

I hope all my followers understand why I modify the title. I will like to hear what you think. I will always be grateful for any feedback.

To my fellow student thank you for being honest and for the suggestion to look more on my page About Me for inspiration.

Where Is Spring?

Where is spring? As of march 20 springs is here. Where is it? It’s not until yesterday; we did have a chance to enjoy a nice warm weather. It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 60s. I was happy to see the sun and not wearing my winter jacket. I took my morning to decorate my home for Easter and in the afternoon went outside and enjoy the day.

Today, chances of snow and temperatures lower on the 30s. Why? Where is spring?

One part of the spring that I enjoy is getting my garden ready. I do love it. I’m ready for my tulips and my lilies to bloom. Getting to plant my daisies (my favorites), different lilies -I want to plant reds and purple-I have lots of yellows. I can’t wait to plant my vegetable garden with cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. I can’t wait for my green grass to grow, watch the ladybugs, butterflies, squirrel running into my trees. I missed the noise outside, the children playing, the dogs barking, people walking with their dogs and the smell of the barbecues.

Where is spring? It someone knows where is it please sends it to North Dakota. It’s time for us to enjoy the warm season.