Last night our local weather, forecast strong winds and lots of rain.  When I heard the forecast I was the happiest person. When the rain season begins here in North Dakota it’s a sign of how close we are from spring and is the end of the cold winter.
I can’t wait to clean my yard and get my garden ready. My tulips will be the first ones to bloom. I’ve around twelve’s different colors and my favorite is my dark purple. I thought how beneficial the rain would be.
I wake up early as usual and before leaving to work I check the local weather. There it was announcing rain. I felt outside a nice breeze and with the breeze the sensation of a few drops of rain.  I headed to the school and my day begun with a busy schedule. At lunchtime I ask a few friends if it was raining and the answer was “it’s cloudy and it looks like is going to rain very soon”. By 2:30pm the day still looks cloudy and breezy, however no sign of rain.
I’m ready to go to bed its 9:30pm and just a few drops were all what we got. I will say to the local weather forecast you really suck!
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