It’s a beautiful Sunday and we are going to the lake. I got my book and ready for a relaxing day. Have a fun day!

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One-Liner Wednesday- I love summer!

“One benefit of Summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” ~Jeanette Walls






One- Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Click on the link and visit her page it will be a fun read.


#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion


Very true. What was my little jolt? Yes, I know I’m 56 and it has me take a while to figure things out also appreciate them. The depression likes to take over, however I’ve made a decision to change for good. I’ve lost from my family so much that enough is enough. Not be able to assist to my granddaughter’s baptism, it has been the little jolt I need. I’m not at the family picture from that special day. I broke into tears.


Here is what I’m doing:

1-    Take my medicine for depression – I’m taking it daily.

2-    Take my medicine for my Type 2 diabetes- I’m taking it twice a day, no matter if they make me sick in my stomach.

3-    I’ve begin eating healthy and no more than 1200 calories. Watching what I’m eating and I’m keeping track with an app on my phone. I’ve already lose 10 pounds.

4-    I’m walking every day. It clears my mind. Plus, my grandson and my dog are loving it.

5-    Using less social media. I didn’t realize it was taking too much of my time.

6-    I went back to my online classes. I’m taking “Writing Fiction” and they’re fun.

7-    I’m reading more than usual.

8-    I’m taking the time to pray and meditate. It has been great for my soul.


I want to be happy and healthy. I can’t let the depression take over. It took a simple photo to make me realize how much I was missing.

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My cozy corner

My hideout is in a corner in my living room where I enjoy my cozy recliner. After a long day at work and take care of my dad, I grab a cup of coffee and relax in my recliner. I love taking a nap, read, or use my computer.

On that corner and next to my couch is one of my bookshelves with my favorite books and a pile of wanting to read I keep accumulating. Also, a few pictures of my kids, grandkids, a family picture, my dad, and my mother last picture taken.  Close to my recliner a small table with my computer, my kindle, and a lamp. On my recliner, I can’t forget my soft blanket, and a small pillow.

My hideout is also my granddaughters especially my oldest. She loves to sit there for hours reading her books or taking a nap. They will be coming in the summer and I’ll be losing my comfort corner.




I don’t have to work today, its teachers’ conference. What should I do today? Maybe I should do some cleaning, straight the closet, and laundry. Seriously I must be delusional. I already spend the weekend cleaning the kitchen. Should I take this day to clean or relax? Hmm let’s see. I began my day with my cup of coffee and watching the news too much politics. Also, I’m rereading the book The Shack. What’s next for the rest of the day? Beside writing a paper for an online class “Advanced Fiction Writing” I’ll watch a few mystery movies on hallmark channel. Maybe between the class and the movies I can do some laundry. Seriously? I still have cleaning on my mind.

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When I was ten years old it was the year 1970 and I was in 5th grade.  I remember the bullying it’s start when I was in third grade. A neighbor kid who just moved next to us start to teach me how to defend myself from those girls. Also, I remember getting in trouble with my mother who wants me to ignore them just to keep the peace. She thought if I ignore them it would go away. Little she knew how bad those girls were treating me at school.  So, I did defend myself punching their faces. And yes, they did leave me alone.

At ten, I received my first communion and I participate in the church children’s choir. I was a Girl Scout, obtain a few batches, and a group name “The Future Homemakers” where they try to teach me how to cook and sew. In 1970 I went to visit my grandmother in New Jersey for two weeks a trip I would make every two years until 1978.

At ten, I’ve begun to love reading and write a few short stories.  Some of them were good and some not so good. I’ve kept my notebooks in a box and last summer, my granddaughter who is twelve found the notebooks and begin reading them. I still don’t get any feedback from her. Remembering when I was ten it brings the memories of how hard it was trying to fit in.

If I Google 1970 I’m sure I would find interesting events that happens in that year, however this time I’m writing about a few of my memories.

Well, I’m going back to bed been sick for the past two weeks it’s not fun. I already missed two days of work and I need my rest.


Daily Post: Ten

Vacation Time!

I’m in vacation mode since school is out. I’ve been cleaning the house, getting ready the camper, gardening,and fixing a few things in the house. I’m planning to paint my kitchen, my bathroom, and change the décor in my bedroom, but that would be a project for July. Next weekend would be our first camping and I can’t wait to relax meanwhile my hubby goes fishing. I’m planning a trip to Arizona at the end of July. My vacation would be a busy one that’s for sure, however I already read five cozy mystery books and at nights I’ve been writing like crazy. I am enjoying my time and it only be a week.