Big Mistake

Pain, pain, pain! I would rate my pain level from 1 to 10 a sharp 8 ½. Maybe that’s not so bad.

Every Monday we get a truck delivery with the school food supply. My school kitchen is called a satellite kitchen where we cook and delivery for a total of six elementary schools therefore we get a lot of product.  I’ve helped from one of my cooks and she’s awesome. We both work pretty well and we helped each other with the lifting so no one gets hurt.

Yesterday I was in a hurry trying to finish, one of the ladies call in sick meaning adding more work to my schedule. So instead of doing the lifting together like we always do, I did a poor decision, I went to put away 12cs of Golden Apples by the time I reach the third case, I knew something went wrong and instead of stopping I kept putting them away. When I try to start to lift the bananas my hips was on fire. The pain was horrible. What a big mistake I’ve made and now I’m paying the consequences.

I’ve been taking ibuprofen and putting some icy-hot patch, however it’s not working.  If tomorrow I still in pain, I made go to see the chiropractor. Pain, pain, pain!

Futures Past

When I was 10 years old… I wanted to be a secretary.
The thought of wearing pretty dresses or a suit, having my own desk, taking notes, answering the phone it looks appealing to a young girl. Of course, this idea of the secretary came from watching a soap opera on TV. Then in the 70’s a song came out about a secretary falling in love with her boss the song keeps me dreaming of this fabulous job. Oh yes, I want to be a secretary.
I remember asking for my birthday a typewriter, notepads, and fountain pen. My mom and my aunt made my dream come true. I have fun with all my presents.  When I was in high school, I took a few classes of typewriting and shorthand (stenography). I have the opportunity to get an after school job at an office. Surprise, surprise it wasn’t what I was expecting. I realized I was living in a fantasy world and the dream to be a secretary start to fade.
Today I’m working as a kitchen supervisor in an elementary school. I will never imagine that I will end working in a kitchen, for the reason that I didn’t like to cook when I was growing up. I love taking care of the food program and watching the children getting healthy food. Working with them is an amazing experience. I have the perfect job.
Despite I’m not a secretary I’m happy the way everything turn up.
now and loving it!



Daily Post:  As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?