One-Liner Wednesday~ Time to relax

Well.. in the words of Alice Cooper, School is out for summer!!! Time to serve yourselves kids… this lunch lady is out !!! To my lunch lady friends… ENJOY the break !!





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Badge by Laura @

Almost done

Tomorrow is our last day of school. Hooray! The school staff and students have been counting the days left since the first of May. We’ve been working hard packing and cleaning the kitchen. The fridge and freezer are already empty and by the end of tomorrow a quick inventory.

Tomorrow’s lunch would a bag with a sandwich, carrots, applesauce, chips, and a juice. It’s a simple lunch with a little bit too clean. Pick a bag, grab a milk, and enjoy. Meanwhile the kids eat, we will finish cleaning the kitchen and putting away the rest of the supplies. By 2pm and with a quick inventory and orders for the fall all done, we will say our goodbyes. They will be tears for the ones who are retiring and for the kids who are graduating and moving away.

We will take our bags and turn the lights off. We will disappear for a while with a huge smile, knowing we’ve a wonderful school year.

And for the next three months, I will be enjoying my summer vacation…. recharging for the next round.


Daily Post: Disappear

time to relax


School is out and it’s vacation time.

Yesterday was the last day of school and it was an incredible day. I will miss the kids with their cheerful faces and occasionally their grumpiness. It has been a wonderful school year and now is time to relax and to enjoy the summer with my grandkids.

My first day of vacation has been superb and with some cleaning done. I do have a few projects to put together. A garden to finish, decorated my yard, uncluttered my house, a few trips already plan to take with the grandkids, camping, and reading a few new summer books.

Let’s have fun and a plenty of sunshine, it’s one of the phrases told by the oldest granddaughter who is ten. She’s right, the summer is short and we can’t waste any time.

So, hello vacation and let’s create some memories.

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