There is a boy in my school who likes to comment to the school cashier I need help serving breakfast. When the cashier told me about his comment I thought I was slow serving breakfast.  I’ve been serving breakfast for 100 kids and it’s a job for one person.

After nine weeks of school today I got to know who was the boy. When he took his breakfast, he told me it wasn’t fair, I didn’t have any help. His concerned was about me doing the work for myself. I smile and told him I was fine also he was a sweetheart for thinking of others. Before he left for his classroom, he gave me a big smile. Little he knows with his sincere gesture he made my day.


Daily Post: Sincere

A Proud Grandma!

My granddaughter enters a book competition at her school.  They have 106 contestants from different grades and they choose five. She’s in fourth grade. The last day of school they have an assembly and they announce the five winners. She was excited and I can see how nervous she was. Finally they call her name and she was running to get to the front. She’s happy that her story has been printed and a copy of the book will be in the school library. She works hard to write her story, however she found that doing her own drawings was tougher.

My little author is working on her second story. She’s getting ready for the fall competition.

I’m a proud grandma.

Jovanna book
The book printed by the school…
Jovanna excited to win the competition

Algebra: Land of Confusion

No! I don’t want to remember this subject it makes me screams. I can have nightmares just thinking about it.

Okay I’m going to say, “I hate Algebra and anything that it’s related to Math and their branches”.



In response to the daily post: Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!