JusJoJan prompt the 10th~”cheese”

How many people grew up thinking the moon was made of cheese? That was the story my mother told us when we were kids. She loves making all kinds of stories and the story of the moon been made of cheese was our favorite. I don’t remember all the details of the story it has been a long time ago.

However, the funny part was this little mouse name Miguel who by mistake gets into this spacecraft. Miguel came out of the spacecraft and he gets lost. The astronauts did their work and leave the moon except for Miguel who is trying to get back to the spacecraft. It was too late when he got there.  He begins to get hungry and took a chunk of cheese. The moon was upset because she was there to give us light at night.

Well, I can’t remember what happened next, but for us it was special. I should look at her notebooks she has lots of cute notes.

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100 Word Wednesday: Week 84

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I’m driving around campus and I’m noticing the excitement in all the faces. They group and they’re meeting with their old friends. They look as they’re discussing their schedules. The new students are welcome and they all walk in small groups. I notice some of the new comers looks nervous with a shy smile. My nephew is part of that group. By next week all the rest of the schools would be fulfilled with laughter and ready for the school year. I can’t wait for next week when I go back to work at the school cafeteria to feed my little ones.

100 Word Wednesday: Week #84

100 Word Wednesday: Week 78

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I remember sitting under the tree with my two best friends. We love to sit under a tree we have in our backyard. This image brings back that beautiful moment. We would talk and laugh about anything silly, especially boys. Another great memory when we would make plans for the weekend. The many weekends, we love going to the discotheque and demonstrate the other girls we can dance disco. Who remembers the movie Saturday Night Fever? I would cherish those beautiful memories, especially my two best friends Lucy and Carmen. My teenage years were the best time of my life.


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I’m 55 and life isn’t perfect and yes I’ve a few bad experiences or regrets in life. However instead of calling it disappointments I like to call them bad experiences or regrets. I’ll like to fix them if I’ll have a little more courage.

A few of those regrets are not finishing my last semester of college. It was 1982 and I’ve made the wrong decision to drop my last semester. If I’ve listen to my mom, I would have a degree instead I listen to the wrong person. Who knows where I would be right now.

Another regret I’ve been writing stories since I was 15 when I started to love reading romance novels. I’ve written from short stories, poems, and mystery; however it all ends in a folder. I’m afraid they’re not good enough and for that reason they’re hiding meanwhile I keep writing and filling up the folder.  

If I’m going to call disappointment like today’s prompt, then I will be disappointed in myself for not having the courage to finish college or to let others to read my stories.

Martin Luther King Jr.



Daily Post: Disappointment

What’s next?

achieveMy first post was an assignment from “Blogging for Beginners” an online class that I’ve been taking. I’ve been learning about how to create, write posts, and publish them. I’ve been learning some techniques to have a successful blog. However, I’ve found blogging could be a challenge and to have a successful blog, I need readers.

It has been exciting and a nerve-wracking. It takes time and dedication to be a blogger. The part of not knowing the reaction of the readers could be terrifying.

This is my second post and I’m already experiencing the writer’s block. I guess trying to write daily could cause it. I’ve to create a plan, with themes I want to write about it. I’ve been checking on other blogs and I’m learning from them.

So, what’s next for me? For the moment, I’m revising my short stories I wrote years ago. I’m taking my online classes who are my inspiration to accomplish my dream of being a writer. I’ve new ideas for a book I begin to write and I’m creating a journal with positive thoughts.

I’ll keep this blog, as far I can. I’ll keep writing and waiting for my new friends. I invite you to join my journey with the ups and downs with a promise I will visit your blog.

~See you soon~