SoCS- “too/to/two”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “too/to/two.” Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you use all three. Extra bonus points if you start your post with one. Enjoy!

 Two weeks ago, I was flying to Puerto Rico on vacation. It was my mother-in-law’s birthday she was turning 80. For her birthday party, she wants as her gift all her children. It was an emotional event and fun seeing the family together. I was needing to get out of my routine and take a break.

Meanwhile, I was in Puerto Rico having a good time a snowstorm hit North Dakota with 30 inches of snow. The schools and businesses closed for two days. By the time we were back some of the streets were cleared up. My son has to shovel a small trail so we can get into the house.

It took my husband the entire week to clear up the driveway. After all that work, it’s snowing again and expecting 6 inches for the weekend. It’s cold and windy and hoping by tomorrow afternoon the snow has stopped. My husband would be shoveling snow again.

I’m ready for summer.


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SoCS~ “ground”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ground.” Use it as a noun or a verb in any tense (i.e. grind). Have fun! hosted by Linda G. Hill.


We have our last warm day on Tuesday. I went to my grandson’s football game; it was a gorgeous day 70 degrees. Here are some pictures…

my grandson # 70
my grandson # 70

The people were enjoying the day, walking, others mowing their lawns, or decorating for Halloween. The sun was shining and my flower garden still blooming like it was spring and summer.


By Wednesday the temperatures begun to drop. A blanket of snow on Thursday and by yesterday the snow begin covering the grounds, the winds pick up, and boom everything is covered. 

my granddaughter playing with papa-a blanket of snow

My plans for today finishing reading a book I just got from a newly author. Finish my Halloween decorations and spend time with my husband. 


These pictures are from this morning and still coming down heavy. Have a great weekend.

Bruno didn’t like the snow






my halloween decor cover with snow



SoCS~ ground

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One-Liner Wednesday- first storm

Starting to snow, 5-8 inches by the time I supposed to go to work, tomorrow. I can’t believe this. To mother nature this is to early. Oh yeah, some of my friends already posting on social media. hahaha!


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One-Liner Wednesday~Where is Spring?

This is me today. It’s sunny and it’s 39 degrees outside. I notice some of the snow is melting. However, the cheery mood is gone. I’m listening to the weather channel and a snow storm is coming by Friday. They are talking about 5-6 inches. I’m tired of this weather. Where is Spring? I want it now.



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#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion
#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion


This past week we had a snow storm with almost ten inches of snow. My husband has been cleaning out the snow and we are already tired of this winter except for these two.

I personally am counting the days for the arrival of spring. I am eager to see my flowers bloom and be able to arrange my beautiful garden. Meanwhile these two continue playing in the snow, enjoying the last days of winter.

As my granddaughter says in a few months she will return to Phoenix, Arizona and there is no snow there. That’s why she takes advantage of every second to play outside in the snow. However, in my case I prefer to see the flowers, the sun, and to be sitting outside enjoying nature.

I wonder if that’s the reason why she wants us to move to the Prescott or Flagstaff area where she can enjoy a little snow.



















Daily Post: Wonder


Today, it’s my 35th Wedding Anniversary. My husband surprises me with flowers and my favorite dessert lemon cream pie. We have plans to go out for dinner, however been a typical day in North Dakota we have to cancel. We are getting hit with a severe snowstorm and we already have 6 inches of snow with more to come.

They’re announcing for tomorrow a two-hour delayed for the schools with a chance of cancelling. The snowstorm is going to last at least until tomorrow afternoon. We are expecting at least 8-10 inches if it stays snowing. My husband tries to clean our driveway a couple of times, but the wind and the snow its not helping at all.

In the meantime, I cook his favorite dinner, have a glass of wine, and enjoy my lemon cream pie as a dessert. It’s time to be on my couch, relax, and watch TV next to my husband.

Happy Anniversary to us and I hope we can celebrate it on the weekend.


Daily Post: Typical


What a perfect prompt for today my girls just left an hour ago, flying back to Arizona. They supposed to fly yesterday, but then we got another winter storm along with ten inches of snow. If it keeps snowing like this, they would not be a place to dump the snow.  In every corner, you can see a huge pile of snow the roads are getting narrow and impossible to drive. The ten days the girls spend in North Dakota they play in the snow almost every day. Those two loves snow, wearing coats, hats, and mittens. Before they left, they kissed me and say it’s been the best Christmas ever.  They always make me smile. In a few hours, they would in their own beds and I am missing them already.  However, we are making plans for the spring and that’s not too far away.  



Daily Post: Gone

The day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas we have plans to go the mall to take advantage of all the good deals. You know from 50-70% off the entire store, it can’t be missed. However, mother nature has more in store for the entire state of North Dakota. We got a Christmas winter storm and everything is closed.  No travel advised and if you get stuck in the snow you will get a ticket of $250. I’m glad they decide to make it an official. We have residents who doesn’t understand the risk of going out they not only they put their life’s in danger also others.

For today we will watch a couple of movies, of course when the girls wake up its 11:50am and still sleeping.  I also got for Christmas a new book so I’m ready for that, too. To everyone who is reading this post enjoy the day after Christmas because I will.  Also to my neighbors who are complaining about being inside just stop complaining you guys needs to move to Florida.

under the pile of snow it's my car
under the pile of snow it’s my car
back door
back door