Making plan for spring

It’s time to have a plan. I’m an organized person at work and a disorganized at home. So, I’ve learned to keep a planner. What I like about it, I can follow it exactly as I want or make any changes here and there.

It’s time to make my spring list and enjoy every minute before it disappears before my eyes. Here in North Dakota spring and summer are short seasons. We still have plenty of snow on the ground means no cleaning outside.

Until then, I can begin cleaning my closet, especially my husband. However, I can’t wait for fresh air and sitting outside under my favorite tree.

Here is my Spring bucket list:
1- Clean the closets
2- Donate anything it’s not needed it
3- Clean my yard
4- Plant flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and I want a plum tree
5- Fixed and clean my special garden in my backyard. It’s where I spread my dog’s ashes.
6- Begin my everyday walks. I love those it clears my head.
7- Play outside with my grandkids
8- Go to the farmers market
9- Drink a lot of lemonade and smoothies
10- It’s time to plan for the summer

Spring Cleaning

I enjoy having my home clean and organized. I’ve spend a lot of my time cleaning and picking up after everyone.  However, after this nasty flu I feel tired and weak. After taking down all the holiday decorations in my house, it looks messy and in need of a deep clean. Every year by the end of February I begin the spring cleaning. Every corner of the house would be clean, closets, and drawers would be organized. The clothes that we haven’t worn the past year we will donate it to the Goodwill.  Same as toys, appliances, and decorations that I would not use again. This spring I would paint, buy new curtains, and get a brand-new couch. I made two boxes of kitchen gadgets that’s ready to go. I wish I had a wand that I can use to speed up the cleaning. Meanwhile, I’m resting so I can feel better and stronger. I know the cleaning bucket is waiting for me.


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