I can’t wait

After a few weeks of cold and a couple of inches of snow, it looks Spring will be arriving soon. It’s sunny and the snow has begun to melt. Yesterday I went shopping and the stores have Easter and Summer decorations. The session of gardening has plants, orchids, packages of seeds. I was looking at the gnomes, fairies, colorful pots I just want to buy everything. I love Spring and Summer it makes me happy!

I want to begin planting my flower garden however, we still have a few weeks of winter and I’m sure it will snow again. The wait is annoying.  I’m going to try again to plant roses. Sadly, they don’t grow in my backyard however some of my neighbors have roses.

This is a beautiful Sunday and I will love to be outside. Yeah, it’s sunny but still chilly outside. Meanwhile, I can start a list for my garden and the changes I’m making to my home.  Some of the projects from last year got postponed it’s time to get it done.

last year
last year 2020


last year 2020
last year 2020

Making plan for spring

It’s time to have a plan. I’m an organized person at work and a disorganized at home. So, I’ve learned to keep a planner. What I like about it, I can follow it exactly as I want or make any changes here and there.

It’s time to make my spring list and enjoy every minute before it disappears before my eyes. Here in North Dakota spring and summer are short seasons. We still have plenty of snow on the ground means no cleaning outside.

Until then, I can begin cleaning my closet, especially my husband. However, I can’t wait for fresh air and sitting outside under my favorite tree.

Here is my Spring bucket list:
1- Clean the closets
2- Donate anything it’s not needed it
3- Clean my yard
4- Plant flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and I want a plum tree
5- Fixed and clean my special garden in my backyard. It’s where I spread my dog’s ashes.
6- Begin my everyday walks. I love those it clears my head.
7- Play outside with my grandkids
8- Go to the farmers market
9- Drink a lot of lemonade and smoothies
10- It’s time to plan for the summer


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It has been a beautiful day warm and sunny. The temperature has begun to warm up and spring is approaching. Also, my face and arms don’t look pale and I love to see them with a slight of sunburn. I spoke to my granddaughters it was time to start walking in the park and get fresh air. Besides, we feel light, energized, and optimistic after being outside with no coats.

I plan to work in my garden soon. Preparing my flower garden with new gravel, seeds, and more roses. Also, I want to prepare in my garden the spot where my beloved dog would be resting.

I’m ready for the outdoors.

One-Liner Wednesday~Where is Spring?

This is me today. It’s sunny and it’s 39 degrees outside. I notice some of the snow is melting. However, the cheery mood is gone. I’m listening to the weather channel and a snow storm is coming by Friday. They are talking about 5-6 inches. I’m tired of this weather. Where is Spring? I want it now.



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#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion
#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion


According to the calendar in a few days the spring season will be here. However, in North Dakota it looks the season will be delayed. Mother nature is playing a joke on us, again. It’s cloudy outside and we are expecting another inch of snow.

So, for now I will be patience for the spring to arrive and to see some colorful gardens.

outside my home
outside my home



Daily Post: Patience

waiting for spring?
waiting for spring?





Last night our local weather, forecast strong winds and lots of rain.  When I heard the forecast I was the happiest person. When the rain season begins here in North Dakota it’s a sign of how close we are from spring and is the end of the cold winter.
I can’t wait to clean my yard and get my garden ready. My tulips will be the first ones to bloom. I’ve around twelve’s different colors and my favorite is my dark purple. I thought how beneficial the rain would be.
I wake up early as usual and before leaving to work I check the local weather. There it was announcing rain. I felt outside a nice breeze and with the breeze the sensation of a few drops of rain.  I headed to the school and my day begun with a busy schedule. At lunchtime I ask a few friends if it was raining and the answer was “it’s cloudy and it looks like is going to rain very soon”. By 2:30pm the day still looks cloudy and breezy, however no sign of rain.
I’m ready to go to bed its 9:30pm and just a few drops were all what we got. I will say to the local weather forecast you really suck!
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This is the reason I love spring for the colors. I will work on my garden to get it ready for them to bloom. Don’t take me wrong, I love winter, however it gets to the point where the snow gets so dirty that it looks depressive.

When spring arrives, I will start gardening and adding colors to my house. Every spring I will plant different varieties of flowers. Of course roses and daisies are my favorites.

what a beauty
beautiful colors


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